In Love with a Monster

Charlotte Oakley was a normal adopted 14 year old when she was kidnapped by a group of guys. But these boys weren't exactly human. They were werewolves (like twilight wolves). But one of them, Matt, is a hybrid. Will Matt fall for Charlie? Or is he incapable of being loved by her?

Some cursing and fight scenes. And maybe a few make out scenes ��


7. Chapter Seven

Matt's P.O.V.

"Charlotte, please open up the damn door." I told her. She had locked herself in her room for a week since the incident. I sighed. "Get away from me!" She yelled. "Pretty hard since we live in the same house." I told her.

"Don't get sassy with me, Matthew!" She yelled. Ouch. I could hear her shuffling away as far she could from the door. "Matt, just leave her be." He whispered. I glared at him.

"If you hadn't changed in front of her, none of this would've happened." I growled at him. "Oh, so now this is my fault?" He hissed. I scoffed. "Yes. Yes it is." I retorted. He rolled his eyes at me.

"Charlotte, can you please come out? We want to introduce you to our friends." Cameron said. It was silent. "No." She replied. He sighed. "Why don't you leave her be?" I mimicked him.

He growled at me. "Don't push it. You were lucky I didn't kill you." He spat. I scoffed. "Says the one who had their throat slit and survived." I said. "That's it." He hissed.

And that when the door opened. "Will you two stop the fucking comments towards each other? Fine, I'll do this..dinner thing with your friends. But any more funny business with your wolf side or anything that involves me in danger because of this, Cameron will continue what he wanted to do to me at first." She said. Well, isn't she just a ray of sunshine. I smiled anyway and hugged her. "M-Matt s-stop." She stammered.

I quickly let go of her. "This doesn't mean that I'm not scared shitless of you guys." She whispered and closed her door again. I looked at Cameron. "Our guests await." He told me. I nodded.

Charlotte's P.O.V.

I took a quick shower and braided my light brown hair to the side. I slipped on a sleeveless black dress with sunflowers printed on it with a white cardigan on top. I put on my white Toms and quietly went downstairs, trying not to make any noise. But I guess they could hear me. "Char? It's ok, you can come in." Matt called.

I took a deep breath. It couldn't be that bad. They were probably older than us. I tried not to let my jaw drop cuz there were 3 really cute guys. Matt probably noticed something went on with them because he stood up and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Guys, this is Charlotte. Char, this is Taylor, Shawn, and Aaron." Matt said, pointing at each one. I smiled. "So tell us about yourself." Taylor asked me. "Well, my full name is Charlotte Vanessa Oakley and I'm 14 years old. I was adopted by an Italian family the minute I was born. My biological mother was from Argentina and my biological father was from England. My adoptive brother James is 21 and he's fighting in Iraq, and my adoptive mother Teresa is currently on a business trip in Spain." I told them. "That's great. The getting adopted part, I mean." Shawn said.

I smiled. "Any guys in your life?" Aaron cheekily asked. I blushed. "I have a friend, Anthony. But he's gay, even though he's cute. Plus, he has a crush on this guy, John." I told them. "Gay friends are the best." Aaron told me.

I agreed with him. "Anyone else?" Taylor pressured. I felt someone look at me. I turned around and saw Matt, but his eyes told me a different emotion. I quickly looked away and turned back to Aaron.

"No." I told him. And that was a lie. There was a boy in my life. He was a wolf, which terrified me. He was bipolar almost every day.

But there was something about him that made me fall for him each day, gaining him my trust. And that boy was Matt.

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