In Love with a Monster

Charlotte Oakley was a normal adopted 14 year old when she was kidnapped by a group of guys. But these boys weren't exactly human. They were werewolves (like twilight wolves). But one of them, Matt, is a hybrid. Will Matt fall for Charlie? Or is he incapable of being loved by her?

Some cursing and fight scenes. And maybe a few make out scenes ��


9. Chapter Nine

Matt's P.O.V.

I turned away from the door. Did she really think that about me? "You okay, man?" Aaron asked me. I nodded. "What's going to happen when Ryder finds out about her?" Taylor asked.

I slammed my hand on the table breaking it into two pieces, echoing out the whole house. "He won't find out about her!!" I yelled. "What is going on!" Charlie yelled, followed by Shawn. All the guys stared at me and Charlie. "Nothing." I muttered.

"So yelling at your friend and breaking the table is nothing? Bullshit."she said and them whispered something to Shawn. "Guys, let's leave them alone." He said, and they all left. Charlie turned to me. "What's going on?" She asked. "I won't tell you." I muttered.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me." She said. Why is she so stubborn!! "You can't go back home. You couldn't." I told her. "Why? I want to see my mom, tell her I'm alright. There could be cops trying to find my body." She said. "There's this guy, Ryder. He probably brainwashed your mom to forget about you. It's what he does. Apparently since he's superstitious, he thinks there's a human in this world that can sacrifice themselves to prevent the 'world from ending'." I told her, making the air quotes.

She looked at me. "And he thinks it's me." She said. "I looked up your family name and it goes a long way back." I told her. "Yeah I know. My really really old ancestor supposedly stopped the supernatural which led to 'hunters' which ceased to a stop and my family in the 21 century don't believe in that stuff. Yet I do." She summarized. "Did you know the part where someone from that ancestry line would supposedly inherit something from their ancestor?" I asked her.

"Wait, are you saying that this Ryder guy wants me dead because I'm a hunter's descendant who killed supernatural things?" She asked and I nodded. "Do you remember anything...odd in your life?" I asked her. "There was always a man following me. Later, I was in the woods with some friends and a wolf came and I stood there at least for an hour before it ran away." She said. Shit. "Matt, why is your face all scrunched up?" She asked.

"We have to get you out of here, somewhere else for the meantime." I muttered, grabbing her hand. "Matt, what the hell is going on?" She asked. "You met Ryder. And he doesn't stop until he finds what he's looking for." I told her.

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