In Love with a Monster

Charlotte Oakley was a normal adopted 14 year old when she was kidnapped by a group of guys. But these boys weren't exactly human. They were werewolves (like twilight wolves). But one of them, Matt, is a hybrid. Will Matt fall for Charlie? Or is he incapable of being loved by her?

Some cursing and fight scenes. And maybe a few make out scenes ��


8. Chapter Eight

Charlotte's P.O.V.

I heard a knock and lifted my head up. "Come in." I said. Shawn poked his head in. "Your room is...nice." He commented. The walls were white.

Just a bed and a closet. I laughed. "It's ok. You can say that it's boring." I told him. He cracked a smile. "So what brings you in Charlotte's dreaded room?" I asked sarcastically, flopping down on my bed.

"Well Matt wanted me to check up on you. Make sure how you're feeling, what you think of us, etc." he said. I stared at him. "Matt wants you to be my therapist? I don't need a therapist. I can handle my own problems." I said. "Can you handle problems about the past? Like why your biological parents gave you up?" He asked. Man, he was good.

I sighed. "Alright, Dr. whatever-your-last-name-is. Since your my therapist, you can't tell anyone of my problems or secrets." I said. "Ok. And my last name is Mendes." He said. "Pinky promise?" I asked, sticking out my pinky. He laughed and looped his pinky around mine.

"Pinky promise." He repeated. I sat up on my bed. "My mom gave me up for adoption because she didn't want a stupid shitty baby. My dad hit her because she was prego with me. After she gave birth, my dad threatened to leave her if she didn't kill me." I whispered, seeing Shawn's horrified expression from the corner of my eye. But I continued. "So when he left the hospital room, she begged one of the nurses to take me back to the adoption part of the hospital." I said.

"But wouldn't you be too young to be in an orphanage?" He asked. I shook my head. "There was a very small part in the hospital that kept babies like me to be taken care of so when we were older we would go straight to the orphanage." I explained. "What about your dad?" He asked. "That same nurse told him the minute they brought me to the babies room, I died of heart failure." I said.

"How'd you know this?" He asked. I let out a shaky breath. "Because my biological mother wrote a letter for me and gave it to the nurse. The nurse drove to Teresa's house and dropped me off in a basket, like Harry Potter." I said, wiping a tear away. Shawn pulled me into a hug. "I'm sorry." He said.

I smiled. "Hey. At least I had a loving mother and brother with two best friends before Matt kidnapped me." I sniffled. "Yeah... About Matt. Do you know that he's-" I cut him off. "Bipolar and a gigantic wolf? Yeah, I know." I said. "He's a hybrid. Meaning he's half-wolf and half-vampire." He explained.

"You're a wolf too, aren't you? Along with Taylor and Aaron." I stated. He nodded. "It's ok. I'm not scared of you, apparently. Only of Matt and Cameron. I don't really know Taylor or Aaron. But I think I could trust you even more than I could with any best friend I could have." I told him. He smiled. "So what's up with you and Matt?" He asked.

I blushed. "Honestly, I don't even know. I like him, I do. But his wolf side, he can't really control it, can he?" I asked him. "Well, you're the only one that can. Wolves and hybrids have something called imprinting." He said awkwardly. "Imprinting?" I repeated. "It's when..uh.. It's technically what wolves do to find the love of their life. Literally. When they see someone, it could be anybody, they get these feelings- that they would do anything for them, risk their lives, and love them as a best friend, a sibling, and a partner." He explained.

I stared at him. "So like love at first sight?" I asked. He nodded. "Aww!! Do you have an imprint?" I asked. He blushed madly.

"Um. Sort of." He said sheepishly. I squealed. "Oh my god, what's she like?!?!?!" I asked. He laughed. "She's....different from anyone else. She has short wavy brown hair, gray eyes, and she's my age. Her name's Reese." He told me.

"Awwww!!! Are you guys a thing or nah?" I told him. "I think you know that answer." He said. "Back to you. The reason why I brought up imprinting is because I think Matt imprinted on you." He said. "That's crazy. 1) I doubt a kidnapper ever falls for his abducted. 2) As far as Cameron told me, he was a huge player. 3) No guy would ever like me." I told him truthfully.

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