Here it is... The age of rebellion... And now... She's out if control.
Sailor is a 15 year old girl who has been good all her life, did her homework, didn't talk back, listened to her father, but now her father has gotten a job in America, so she has to leave her beloved home in Scotland. She has a fresh start, and can make new impressions, and she doesn't want to be another goody two shoes...


1. What?

Sailor waved goodbye to her friends, "See you on Monday!" She said. Sailor's two best friends were Angelica and Summer and she couldn't wait to see them on Monday. Her father's car pulled up and she hopped in. "Guess what? I've got no homework, usually I have lots but all of my teachers from all of my classes have me none!" She said. "Oh, yeah about that," her father said biting his lip and starting to drive towards home. "Turns out, I got a better job," he said. "Great! Oh no we don't have to move to Edinburgh do we?" Sailor asked. Sailor remembered her father recently telling her his boss was going to be letting him go soon and that he needed to find a job and night have to move to the capital city of Scotland since it has many job opportunities. "No," he replied. "Yes!" Sailor exclaimed. She wouldn't have to move away from her best friends! "We're moving to America!" Her father said trying to make it sound exciting. "What?!" Sailor exclaimed.

Hey guys! I'm new to movellas! I know this wasn't the best but, this was kinda an intro. Anyway here's a bit about me.

I live in Australia (I'm not saying where it's too small you'll find me :P) by the beach and I love writing and reading! I am absolutely ridiculous and obnoxious but in a good way! 😜 bye bye!

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