The Right Time

Sarah Tomlinson and Madisyn Horan became best friends through their older brothers. When the boys introduce themselves, Madisyn and Liam hit it off first thing. Harry tries to flirt it up with Sarah, but she has a boyfriend. After Harry discovers she has a boyfriend, they can't stand each other. Trevor is Madisyn's ex, a complete physcopath. Sarah and Brandon break up, then her and Harry hit it off. Then things take a total plot twist.
(a few characters are based on real people)


1. The Concert

Madisyn's P.O.V

I was so excited for this concert! Niall was finally letting me come to one of the boys concerts. Not only that, he and the boys agreed to let me sing! On my birthday too! I have been waiting so long for this. Niall and I were going to sing "Everyday" from High School Musical. It's my favorite song, and has been since High School Musical came out. So, it's kind of like a birthday present from him and the boys. I thought as we pulled up to the stadium.

I assumed Niall had every thing ready since he did set it up.

"Come on Madisyn" Niall yelled at me.

I had stood back and looked at the massive stadium; that I would be singing in tonight.

"Okay, okay, calm down Madisyn. Don't hypreventilate." I said to myself as I raced up the side walk trying to catch up with Niall. He got to the door before me, and yelled at me that the door he was going in was the right way. I gave him thumbs up and slowed down to a walk.

The stadium is huge, I thought to myself. I didn't know how the boys performed in such big stadiums. Niall had told me one time that the only way he got through it was with his mates. I hope those mates were as great as Niall made them out to be but, they did let me sing with them, on my birthday so I knew they were good guys for the most part.

As I walked inside, I saw the boys already on stage talking about what they each needed to do tonight. One of the stage directorssaw me enter took me by the arm and walked towards the back.

"You are Madisyn, right" he asked.

"Yeah that's me" I said excitedly.

"Good, good. Louis' sister, the one playing the piano for you tonight, is back there practicing the music. Go ahead and introduce yourself" he said a little hastily.

Although I was a little surprised with a piano player, I walked in the door he pointed to and saw Louis' sister at the piano. She looked up at me when she finished the chord, and smiled. I told her my name was Madisyn and that I was Niall's little sister.

"My name is Sarah and I am the stupid one's little sister" she replied with a laugh.

"I wouldn't know much about him, but I'm sure he isn't that bad" I replied trying to be nice to someone I had never met before.

"Just trust me when I say that. I've live with him for nineteen years."

"Haha okay. I heard you were playing piano for me tonight' I alsed.

"Yes I am. Happy Birthday by the way!"

"You knew? Thanks! I'm really excited to perform with you. Do you like the song "Everyday"?

"That's my favorite song from the movie! Isn't it a duet?

"Yeah I think Niall is going to sing it with me."

"Awhh! Brother and sister moment. Well I have to go get ready for the show I will talk to you afterwards."

"Okay. See ya!"

"See ya" she replied and shut the door.

I practiced a few lines of the song that I remembered by heart, and got ready for the show.


Sarah's P.O.V.

I was waiting for my cue to get on stage, shaking like crazy. I was so nervous. This wasn't my first time playing in front of people; it was the first time I played in front of thousands of girls who are in love with my brother. Louis an Niall walked out on stage and introduced us. My cue was given and I walked out on the stage to my piano and got ready to play. I saw the girl tha t I met earlier walk out on the stage. Then I started the song. Out of no where I heard one of the boys start singing an it wasn't the voice I expected.


Madisyn's P.O.V.

I took a few deeps breathes before the stage director told me to get on stage. I walked up slowly trying to make my nerves dissolve. Niall walked past me and winked.I was a little confused as to why he was leaving but I put that aside and went to the first person I saw. It was Sarah's she was by the piano so I headed over to where she was. She began to play the beautiful memory of mine called "Everyday" when I heard a voice that wasn't Niall's as I had expected.

I glanced to the other side of the stage and saw Liam come out on stage singing Troy's part of "Everyday". I was astonished at the sight of Liam singing with me. I quickly wrapped my thoughts around the song again and sang through every line with ease. Including my favortie line "Gonna run while we are young and keep the faith" with Liam Payne as my partner.

By the end of the song everyone was singing and dancing.All my nerves had dissapated, until i looked right in to Liam's eyes as the song ended.

I heard the girls clapping and screaming for the performance and the boys. I quickly exited the stage, feeling dizzy.

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