The Right Time

Sarah Tomlinson and Madisyn Horan became best friends through their older brothers. When the boys introduce themselves, Madisyn and Liam hit it off first thing. Harry tries to flirt it up with Sarah, but she has a boyfriend. After Harry discovers she has a boyfriend, they can't stand each other. Trevor is Madisyn's ex, a complete physcopath. Sarah and Brandon break up, then her and Harry hit it off. Then things take a total plot twist.
(a few characters are based on real people)


2. Steak n' Shake

Niall's P.O.V.

The lads and I were waiting for Madisyn, Sarah, and Liam to come off the stage. We stood and watched the whole performance. Watching my baby sister stand there, sing her heart out and perform with my best mate, her smiling the whole time made me feel amazing.When her and Sarah and Liam ran off the stage she ran to me with open arms.

"You are the bestest brother in the world" she squealed.


"STEAK N' SHAKE" The girls screamed at the same time.

With that, we all piled into two cars. Me, Madisyn, Sarah, and Liam in the first car and Louis, Harry, and Zayn in the other car.

Liam and I were talking about football and the girls were in the back on their phones. I could tell Madisyn was on Instagram. She was liking pictures, but Sarah smiled everytime her phone lit up.

"Who are ya texting back there?" I asked Sarah

"uhhh... Nobody" she replied before returning her attention back to her phone.

"Maybe I could ask Louis and he could tell me" i threatened then laughed.

"Ughh. It's my boyfriend. HIs name is Brandon ok? Is it alright if I invite him to eat with us?" She asked.

"Yeah that's fine"

Harry's P.O.V.

After we got in the car, I needed to know more about Louis' sister.

"What's her favorite color? When's her birthday? How old is she? What does she like to do? Do you think-"

"Shut up. And by the way purple, February 1, 1995, 19, sleep, and maybe" Louis replied.

I smiled the rest of the way.

Then we arrived. We all got out of the car, and grouped up except for Sarah. She walked over to another vehicle and greeted someone. Great, its a boy. She has a boyfriend.

"You could've told me she had a boyfriend" I mumbled to Louis.

"You didn't ask" he laughed and walked into the restaurant. I followed behind slowly trying to figure out who this guy was.

We got seated and had already ordered when Sarah and that guy came in. Louis ordered the same thing for the both of them.

"Boys, Madisyn, this is my boyfriend Brandon" she told us before sitting down.

This was gonna be a long night, I thought.

Louis looked over at me and said in a low voice, "I don't want him here either mate."

"Why?" i asked him.

"Well, I've never really liked him. They have dated previously and he would leave her for his ex, she would come home crying and I would comfort her, then he would say something sweet and she would date him again. This is the fifth time that has happened" he explained.

"Well gosh, you would think that after it has happened that many times, she would be smart enough not to go back to that jerk" I said.

"You didn't have to tell him my life story, Louis. Thanks bub" she smarted off.

"I was just asking a question Sarah. No need to get that angry" I replied.

"Sarah, calm down. There no need to start something" her jerk of a boyfriend said.

"He just insulted you and you are telling me to calm down" she said getting louder.

"Well i think after he left you for another girl 5 times then you wouldn't go back to him. Louis agreed with me" I replied glancing at Louis.

Right after that, Madisyn spilt her drink all over Niall. We decided then it was time to leave.

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