He caressed my cheek and kissed my lips softly.

"You're sure?" he smirked into my hair, I nodded.

"I want to be like you, make me like you" I pleaded softly. He slowly lifted to down towards the bed, I showed my small, fragile human hand out towards him. He grabbed it graciously, then bit into it slowly but with force.

"I'll finally be like you" I whispered as I fell onto the bed.


2. Chapter Two: Depression

~~I dragged myself out of bed today, kept myself from bursting out in tears and smearing mascara over my face. It was hard, but I was out the door by eight twenty five and at school at eight forty. That meant, I had twenty minutes, twenty minutes to either, cry, think, or put on a fake smile.
I chose the third one, I didn't want everyone to see he was getting to me, even though, deep inside he truly was killing me in every way possible.

"Hey" I wrapped myself up, into a ball of fake happiness and continued onto the conversation they were currently having, my 'mmm's' and 'ohh's' seemed enough for them to not think any other.
I glanced towards my right, there he was, Kale, standing there laughing at me with his friends.. I honestly couldn't stand to be there, him watching me was way more than enough to make me break into tears.

"Bye Jess" I smiled at her and ran towards my car, not watching where I was going.

"Oh.. Sorry" the stranger tried to help me off the floor. I gave him a glare.

"It's fine, I guess" I huffed and gave him an annoyed look, he wouldn't stop staring, his eyes widening slightly.
"Do you mind?" I asked. "Sorry, I've just had a really bad day, and I don't want someone I don't even know to criticise me or the way I look today" I laughed sarcastically and continued to watch him glare me down.

"Oh, um, yeah.. Sorry" his face bowed down as he continued walking, I sighed and continued to walk towards my small, but comfortable car.


I had to keep myself from breaking into tears, I drove fast, I couldn't stop hyperventilating, I don't know why, but I was apparently hyperventilating.

Why did I let him do that to me? It hurts to think about, I feel so betrayed and lonely.

I ran up to my room and slammed the door, instantly crumbling, crying didn't help the situation or my heart ache any better, I thought it would. I cried everything out, until I had no will in my body to even cry anymore. I felt broken, I glanced at the clock. Seven thirty? I cried for about four hours then.


I turned the shower on, undressed, then practically dragged myself into the shower again. The water was nice, relieving, even comforting. I slid down the tiled wall, and just sat there. Wondering why I didn't have good friends, wondering why I could never have an excited or lovely life I had always hoped and dreamed for.

Why do I not have those caring and kind friends like everyone else? Because I'm not like anyone else, maybe I'm different to them. 

There was a knock at the door that woke me from my sleep, my parents were on a 'romantic get-a-way' so they left me, to fend for myself. I sluggishly walked towards the front door, I was still half asleep. I didn't know what I was doing, everything seemed a blur and my eyes were causing me pain, well, physical pain at least.

I pulled the door open, the sudden rush of energy came through and I was now fully awake and aware of my actions.


"Hello?" I asked, the black silhouette stood there, holding something. I couldn't make out what is was, or who HE was.
"Hi, Sophie? Your dropped this before, when you were running to your car" he laughed, I giggled a bit too.. Maybe I need a lot more sleep.
"No, it's fine" I smiled as he handed my note book to me. He turned away after mumbling a quiet 'bye'.
"Oh, and what's your name?" I questioned, he looked back towards me, a grin appeared on his face.
"Kale, my name is Kale" he smirked at me.


I shook awake, greeted by the lightning and the quick 'flash' upon the sky. I breathed heavily, and ran towards the kitchen. I slowly watched as the water fell into my cup.

I lay, in my bed, awake and aware of every sound and movement. I was scared, of nothing, but I couldn't sleep, I didn't want to sleep. The clock read three thirty, I was still freaked out by the non- scary dream I had. How am I supposed to get over a guy, when they appear in my dreams? But that face wasn't Kale's, it was someone else's, maybe even that guy I ran into before?


I slowly drifted to sleep, I tried to stay awake, but my body knew I needed sleep. Tomorrow, or technically today was Saturday, I don't really have an plans, or when I mean plans, I actually mean friends.


I woke up with an atrocious headache, probably from crying so much.

I pulled myself out of bed and towards my closet, I just chose some sweatpants and a tank top, I took a few Paracetamol, hoping to take away my headache, had a few spoons of cereal then pulled my laptop out from my dresser. I decided on watching Netflix, at least I'm doing something?
I couldn't decide between The Vow or a TV series, I decided The Vow, because I hadn't watched that in awhile and I absolutely loved and adored it. By the end, I was sobbing, I wish someone loved me as much as he loved her, but life doesn't work that way.


I decided to watch some TV, taking my mind off a few things, I then cleaned the house and re-arranged a few things. By the time I finished, it was four, the thought of dinner made me nearly throw up. I was the worst cook, I would even burn the toast!


After a delicious take-away meal, I had a nice, warm bath, soaking in the liquid, it felt amazing, I had to pull myself away from it. I pulled a shirt over my head and pulled pants on, we were currently in winter, I'm expecting snow soon.

Worrying if I was going to have a weird dream again. Scared and frightened, I hid my face away from everything and buried myself into the blankets before falling asleep.

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