this story is about a girl named Katlin. Katlin has a secret but this you'll here later. but something is in the air a new person some one dangerous but smells so good. Katlin has blackesh hair with purple hair and yellow eyes and always wheres a black hoddie. will someone find out her secret or will she fall in love with the boy.


1. the new year

                                                      KATLINS POV

          'Come on talk or are you just a little deaf.'said Faya'Comon girls this punk isnt going to talk even if you drag her cross the broklyn bridge.' Faya and her plactics walk away with the rest of the hallways followed.' Of coures knowone stands up for the toughest animal of all.' said Katlin under breath.

        ' Did you say something geek.' said Faya her voice a litle tickled.'Well did you.'I did not know what to say should i yell or should i just i just shut up. i said nothing."Hey i talking to you punk!" her voice a little mad or more than usual mad. then she threw her arm back and thrusted it forward and her fist hit me right in the chest. i grunted a fell back on the floor dropping all me stuff and my hoodie fell off my head reliving my eyes.

              'EEEEWWWWW' said the crowd that bunched up around me. 'Well well well look what we have here, freak and dont mess with me agian.'said faya. as she walked away laughing.I cant belive my hoddie fell off. You might not know this but my eyes are yellow my mom said their green but my dad and i both agred my eyes a yellow. My thoughts got intrupented my the last bell of the day.


         As i walk over to my locker to get my stuff i smell something. Something fresh something new Something i never smelled before thissmell is sensational . i get my bag a follow the smell down the hall as the smell gets strougher and strougher. As i hit someone a hard chest and the smell goes away.'nice to meet you to'As a hand streches out towards me.

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