this story is about a girl named Katlin. Katlin has a secret but this you'll here later. but something is in the air a new person some one dangerous but smells so good. Katlin has blackesh hair with purple hair and yellow eyes and always wheres a black hoddie. will someone find out her secret or will she fall in love with the boy.


5. the kiss


                                                          Katlins POV

               'Jake !' i scream the pack looks our way "why would you say that!'I go back to my human form and walk away crying . jake swiches to his to.i hear my dad say  "teen drama" which makes me cry even more. Jake catches up to me and grabs my wrist. "i am sorry i said that i was just proud of you for getting the deer. His faces was inches from mine. He tilted his head and kissed me! Before i knew i was kissing back. Passion. i could'nt help it he was well built muscles blonde hair and deep blue eyes. and all of his shirts were  hugging him so tightly. He grabbed my waist to pull me closer and guess what i let him. we did this one time before and we were about 10 or 12 and that was to say we had a a kiss before.

    but this was nothing like that. this was........ well amazing. well pull away from the kiss and guess who's behind him. that 's right my father. And he was smiling like he won the lottery. 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH' he screamed as he ran up to both of us. Hugging us kissing us tightly. then dropping us on or butts."now i have to plan for the wedding we can go dress shopping tomorrow you need to miss a day any way.' 'Dad!!!' i screamed  'it was just a kiss it does not mean we are getting married' Jake came up behind me and hugged me his arms wrapped around my neck. then we heared a gun shot from behind. we quickly turned into werewolfs and ran we heared footsteps from behind. my dad was right behind us when we got far enough  i turned around  and didnt see my dad. i heared a gun shot and a dog wimper. we switched back i ran jake right behind me. my dad laid on the ground  dead. We heared another gun shot and we stared up. i saw a man with a un point at me then blacked out.

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