this story is about a girl named Katlin. Katlin has a secret but this you'll here later. but something is in the air a new person some one dangerous but smells so good. Katlin has blackesh hair with purple hair and yellow eyes and always wheres a black hoddie. will someone find out her secret or will she fall in love with the boy.


6. the condo/cabin rated pg13

    I woke up in a cabin with a blanket over my body and my head wraped in a cover.i saw jake sitting by the bed and all my dads friends in the pack around the end of the bed. i sat up as much as i could which was not very far every one lift up their heads and jake ran over to me .he sat on the bed he smiled so bright .'ok she is up you guys get out now.' The guys left and i heard the door close.  Jake was staring at me and i was staring back i dont know how long we were there we were just staring at each other. then i tried to lean. And he leaned to next thin up know he was kissing me again i really enjoy his kisses now but this was going to go farther. I knew we had to stop but it felt soooo good . I slowly sled his shirt off . he did the same for me then he started to take off my pants we never one sepretaed  while all this was happing. he stoppped." Your doing this cause your hurt.' "no..... i....' he was right i was hurt.i realized that this was really happing i broke down . "MY...... DAD.......DEAD'...

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