this story is about a girl named Katlin. Katlin has a secret but this you'll here later. but something is in the air a new person some one dangerous but smells so good. Katlin has blackesh hair with purple hair and yellow eyes and always wheres a black hoddie. will someone find out her secret or will she fall in love with the boy.


3. at home and in the woods


                                                                    Katlins POV

                  'How was your day dear' mom said. 'Fine 'i said. she could tell i was lying. 'let me guess that girl came after you again didnt she' 'How could you tell' i said scarcatically.'Dear you did walk away didnt you.' why cant i just fight her like everyone else''Because your not like every one else dear' as she starts to pull my hair as a pony tail.which i hate for my hair to be in pony tails cause my hair is to long and i cant cut it cause when i change ill have a bald spot for a week till it grows backs.

                      'Oh dear your father says him and his pack are hunting and he wants you to meet him in the woods in an hour' says mom 'even though i say you shouldnt be changing with all the rumors going around about the wolfs.''Mom ill be fine ok. i need to kill something.' 

  (1 hour later)

                        'Dad! Dad!' I screamed. "oh baby girl' a wolf came up with green eyes several  more followed "why arent you in your wolf form' he asked "cause some one could have follwed a wolf down the street"i reply." your here now change and meet us by the creek over there come on  boys.' As they left i began to shrink on to my hands and knees as fur and a long nose and paws stared to grow all over my body. next thing you know it im a werewolf and i walk over to my dad and his pack."hey look who decdide to join us now we found a deer we left it for you cause the boys want to see want you got ready" said dad  'Yeah" i go around the pack and see jake the wolf my mom and want me to marry but he's a friend not husband meteral. i find the deer and sneak up on it its head goes up while his mouth is full of grass. i go down and wait..........wait ...........wait then when the time was right i pounced just in time for the deer to try to run but my paw grabs its neck and i bite in  it wimpers but i heared a lot worse so i not worried about it then the eyes roll over and its dead. Jake runs over and nods he head and we bump heads. And he says the worst thing possible "I love you Katlin."


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