The Tour

When Kaelie and her sister Erica go to a One Direction and 5 Second of Summer concert and meet the boys, one boy falls for each of them; at least they think its one boy.


3. Up All Night

Kaelies POV


I walked over to Ashton and sat next to him. I was about to speak to him when his strong arms wrapped around my waist, picking me up and placing me on his lap. I giggled and blushed. "Aww someones blushing!!" Michael yells, making me hide my face in my hands. "No I'm not!!!" I say, but it was slightly muffled from my hands. "Aw, she's like a little teddy bear!" Calum coos, poking me. I take off my hands, though my blush still very visible, and glared at him. "Take it back, bass boy!" I lowly yelled, afraid to disturb the other guys. "Never!!" He screamed. I jumped up and playfully tackled him. "Take- it- back!!" I say, wrestling him. "Only if you beat me in this wrestling match." He said. I got an idea, and shoved my knee into his crotch. "OOOOOHHHHH!!" Luke screamed, pointing at Calum and laughing. Ashton was practically wheezing. Michael was howling, tears brimming his eyes. "Ohh... Kaeeeeelieeee" Calum groaned, holding his crotch while rocking back and forth. "Take it back now?" I said, winking at him. "You're nottt a teddy beaaar!" He moaned. I giggled and kissed his cheek. I walked back to Ashton and sat next to him. "So, what is this?" Liam says, walking in and gesturing to me and Ashton. "We are married." I said, trying to keep a straight face. I bit my lip but I burst out laughing, same with Ashton. "Nah, nah, we're just friends!" I exclaimed. Liam smiled and nodded, leaving the room once again. "Let's play truth or dare!" Michael decreed. We heard shuffling footsteps, as Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn (Since Harry left with Erica) dash into the room and take their seats. "Truth or dare, Kaelie!" Louis asks, barely able to sit still with excitement. "Dare." I simply state, a smug smirk on my face. He looked outside and it was pouring with rain. "Go outside, fully clothed. Don't come back until I tell you to." He declares, a devilish look on his face. I proudly accept, and I strut outside. "Later losers!" I playfully call, making them all laugh. I run into the rain, loving the feeling of it on my skin. I just randomly started running and dancing in the rain, but I knew the boys could see and hear me. With that knowledge, I decided to play a game. I started to 'talk to myself' and I yell, "I'm only here for Ashton anyways. The rest are ugly dogs!" "You can come back inside now." Louis calls. When I get back inside I realized I was out there for 20 minutes! The boys all glared at me, actually believing what I said. I crumpled to the floor with laughter, unable to control it. "Y-you actually believed that?! You're all amazingly good looking, hell I'd be lucky to even make eye contact with one of you or have one of you blink near me." I say, and they all relax. "Guys.. I'm soaking wet.. I don't wanna get anything wet, uhg." I whine. "Nah, don't worry we do it all the time." Niall says, relaxing my frazzled nerves. "Just sit on my lap, I don't mind." Ashton says, earning a glare from Niall. If looks could kill, Ashton would be slaughtered right now from Niall's glare. I accepted his offer, sitting on his lap. He hugged me, since I was shivering. "Niall, truth or dare?" Michael asks. "Dare- no no truth." Niall replies. "Why did you glare at Ashton when he offer for Kaelie to sit on his lap?" Michael says, a smug smirk forming on his face. "U-uh I feel he's... erm... hogging her from the group." Niall answers, stuttering and hesitation all throughout his sentence. The boys all smirked, and I felt Ashton chuckle behind me. "Niall has a crush on you, he told us." Ashton whispered in my ear, making me bite my lip and smile. "I highly doubt he would," I whisper back, "or that any of you would actually." He shakes his head and hugs me close. "We're gonna go to bed." Ashton says, picking me up. "Where do you guys even sleep?" I ask, feeling dumb. "We have beds when we stay at hotels like this, but on the bus we have cots." He explains. He placed me on the bed, and cuddled in with me. "Thanks for everything." I say hugging him. "I wish we would have a longer time together." I say without realizing it. "We ca.. we can..." He says as we both drift off to sleep. 


























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