The Tour

When Kaelie and her sister Erica go to a One Direction and 5 Second of Summer concert and meet the boys, one boy falls for each of them; at least they think its one boy.


1. Tickets

Kaelies POV


I walked into Erica, who is my sister and best friend's, bedroom. I was smiling like an idiot when I closed the door. I turned to her, and said with glee, "You won't believe what I scored!" "What? Your practically grinning from ear to ear, so it must be good." Erica spoke, an eager smile appearing on her lips. "I got us front row One direction tickets!! And even better, back stage passes!" I practically screamed the sentence. Erica looked me, and before I knew it, we were jumping up and down squealing together. "They're touring with 5 Seconds of Summer! Oh my gosh!! This is a dream come true!" Erica cried out, and I could see the joyful tears pricking at the corners of her eyes. "When is the concert anyways? We have to look good ya'know!" Erica said thoughtfully. "Tomorrow night.. Oh shit we need to go shopping for outfits!" I replied. We strolled outside, and hopped into Erica's convertible. Since we lived close to some shops, we got there in no time. We walked into Forever21, and I immediately ran up to a shirt. It was a skin tight crop top, with black and white floral print. I picked it up, and along the way I bought a SnapBack, and some high waisted shorts. Erica purchased a black, long sleeved crop top and a pair of white studded shorts. Once we paid for our outfits, we got home and put it all away. We ordered a large pizza for dinner, eagerly discussing scenarios that could happen at the concert. "We could meet and fall in looooooove!!" Erica screamed, I could see her dying on the inside. All night long we discussed the dilemmas, some serious and some hilarious, until we fell asleep.

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