The Tour

When Kaelie and her sister Erica go to a One Direction and 5 Second of Summer concert and meet the boys, one boy falls for each of them; at least they think its one boy.


2. Concert

Kaelies POV


We walked into the arena dressed in our new outfits, girls fangirling and crying. The lights go down, the crowd starts to scream, One Direction prances on stage and girls are howling at them. 5 Seconds of Summer runs on after them, tackling the boys. I looked up and saw Niall wink in my direction, but I brushed it off because it was probably to a different girl, plus they do it at all concerts, right? The mixed melody of guitars and drums begin as 5SOS starts the concert with their song Disconnected. I sway my hips to the song, and saw Ashton wave at me. I wave back and he does the call me signal. I sheepishly blush, and giggle. Why would he even do that to me? I laugh, since he actually stopped drumming just to (sort of) talk to me. After they finished singing Disconnected, they exited the stage and One Direction skips on stage, the boys each taking a microphone. They began singing songs off of their new album, and once they were halfway done with Little Black Dress, Erica and I fleed to get in line for the meet and greets, only to find that the line was already over an hour long wait! After an hour of standing hopefully in line, management puts up a sign saying meet and greets are done. My heart leaps, and tears spring into my eyes. "I didn't pay for this! I got money out of my college fund just to have it go to waste! I'm so done... And to think this was worth it!" I whailed. I curled into a ball and sobbed. I felt a big hand on my shoulder, and looked up to see Ashton Irwin. I wiped my running makeup. "I heard that all, babe, come with me?" He asked, holding out his hand for me to take. I sniffled and grabbed his hand. As we walked, he hugged me to his side. "I'm Kaelie" I say shyly. "I'm Ashton. You're the girl I was motioning to during the concert!" He said, and I blushed, remembering the Call Me signal. We arrived at a door, and opened it. "Ashton, is that your girlfriend?" Louis teased, his eyes shining with amusement; my cheeks shine a deep crimson. "Her names Kaelie, and no. She bought tickets to the meet and greet but management closed it down right as she was gonna meet us." Ashton explained. I nodded, and looked at the ground. "Hi, we're One a Direction" they chanted in unison. "Hello, we're 5 Seconds of Summer!" I giggled and greeted them back,"Hi, I'm Kaelie." "How old are you?" Ashton asked. "I'm 17, turning 18 in 2 weeks though!" I replied. He smirked and nodded. We hung out for about an hour, but Erica and Harry snuck off together in that time, so I went out to the car alone. I remembered that Erica left with Harry, and that she took the car. "Ah, shit!" I yelled. "What's wrong, love?" I recongnized Louis' accent, and turned. "Tara left with Harry and took her car, also known as my ride.. and I was supposed to stay with her tonight! This sucks." I rambled. Niall looked thoughtfully at me, and a grin broke on his face. "You can stay with us for the night?" He offered, and I nodded in agreement. He wrapped his arm around my waist and guided me to the tour bus. When I entered the bus, I waved to the boys. "What are you doing here?" Ashton asked, and I noticed his eyes lit up when I walked in. "I'm staying here for the night since Erica ditched me." I explained. He smirked and winked at me. Well, tonight will be interesting!

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