The Tour

When Kaelie and her sister Erica go to a One Direction and 5 Second of Summer concert and meet the boys, one boy falls for each of them; at least they think its one boy.


5. Comfort


Kaelie's POV



It's been a week since I ended things with Zach, and I wasn't hurt in the least. Well, I wasn't hurt by Zachary. I was hurt by Ashton. Ever since that day where they sang to me, he's ignored me. 

"Why is Ashton ignoring me?" I cry into Calum's shoulder.

"Kaelie, trust me, he's not ignoring you. He just needs thinking time.. that happens to be away from yo- God dammit I suck at this! Luke, help her understand what I'm trying to say." Calum says, rubbing circles on my back.

"What Calum is trying to say is, is that Ashton needs to think. Remember the day we sang Just Saying to you? You said something. Something that has really affected him." Luke explains.

I nod, still not feeling too comforted. I began my best talent- over analyzing. As I dreamt up impossible scenarios of Ashton and I, it hit me like a truck. I admitted my feelings for Ashton! I grabbed Calum's hand and led him away from the couch. 

"I'm going to get Ashton's attention from inside his cot, and when he asks who's there, you will say 'It's Calum.' Then, he will have to talk to me." I plan out loud and Calum nods in agreement.

"You won't ever give up on Ashton, will you?" Calum chuckles, and I shake my head and push him toward Ash's cot.

I knock on the wooden area around the curtain.

"Who's there?" Ashton asks, and I relax at the soothing sound of his voice.

"It's Calum." Calum says in monotone.

Ashton opens the curtain, unable to see me. I take the opportunity to crawl into his little area and I lay in the back.

"No. You need to leave." Ashton coldly says as he lays eyes on me.

My heart breaks, and I bite my lip to try and make myself not cry. Well, it didn't work because I instantly began to bawl my eyes out.

"Fuck- no don't cry. Kaelie please don't cry, I don't want to see you hurt." Ashton coos as he wraps his arms around me.

My heart aches for him as I breathe in his familiar scent. This boy has too big of an affect on me, I swear.

"Y-you keep ignoring me! You bet your ass off that I'm hurt! I know you won't talk to me because it's too awkward for you. I get it, I wouldn't want a mess like me to have feelings for someone as perfect as you either." I yell.

The entire bus went silent. I heard all the boys whispering about Ashton and I.

"That's not why I'm ignoring you. It's because I'm in pure and utter shock. You're absolutely heavenly, and ever since I  laid eyes on you, I've known you were the one." Ashton says.

I look away from him wiping away my tears. I feel Ashton's finger under my chin. He lightly lifts my head up toward his, and kisses me. Fireworks flow through my body as I run my fingers through Ashton's curls.

"I know you just got out of a relationship and we just met around week ago, but please be mine." Ashton whispers in my ear. 

"I'm not even hurt over Zach." I reply cockily.

"Why were the boys all comforting you then?" He asks, eyes wide.

"I was hurt because you weren't talking to me." I whimper quietly, avoiding Ashton's gaze.

"I'm so sorry," He says into my hair as he kisses my head, "I promise to never hurt you again."

"I hope so. Oh, but yes, I will be your girlfriend." I say, hugging him from the side.

Just as I thought this moment was perfect, I heard Niall screaming. 

"Fuck. Just fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck- FUCK!" He shrieked. 

I scrambled out of Ashton's cot and ran to Niall.

"Niall whats wrong?" I question in a panic.

"You're dating Ashton." He says, his eyes full of tears.

"What's wrong with that?" I slowly ask.


Nialls POV


She doesn't know I love her, and I plan to keep it that way. She just asked me whats wrong with her and Ashton dating. Oh I don't know, MAYBE I'M DEEPLY AND MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU?! I thought to myself. 

"I just don't want to lose my best friend." I lie through my teeth, and I see her expression soften. 

She smiles and hugs me tight, nuzzling her head into my neck. I wish this would last forever.

"I won't ever leave you Niall, you're the best. I wouldn't EVER leave you in the dust, trust me." She reassures.

That very sentence is the reason why my feelings don't have a limit. She doesn't specify my as her friend directly, AKA friend zone me. I don't know if she does it because she knows I have a 'little crush' on her. But what I do know is that I need her, and I won't stop until I at least get a kiss.

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