You Never Know How to Play a Game Until It's Really Played


3. Relationships One Thing, Friends Are the Other

After the game me, Ella, Johnny, and Pony met up with the gang. I stopped walking and Soda and Dally turned around to look at me. "You alright Caitlin?" Soda had asked me. "I'm fine." Soda didn't looked convinced. "I'll catch up, Savvy?" He still didn't look convinced but I knew he wouldn't push it any further. Dally nodded at me and they both took off.

Ella walked in front of me and stare at me. "What's up?" She didn't really ask me it was more of a statement. "That's the girl Stephan cheated on me with." I said half mad, half ashamed. I was mad because, for one, it was a Soc he cheated on me with. And for two, I was ashamed that I let a guy actually get to me so I trusted him, and that he cheated on me and I was the one who got played. Not that I was sad or anything over it. Even though the gang told me I was 'suppressing' my feelings, I thought they were insane. There was no way I cared that much for one guy.

"Earth to Caitlin?" Ella said while waving her hand in my face. "What?" I said already knowing the answer. "You zoned out. I asked if you were still upset over Stephan?" I looked at her in disbelief. "I was never upset!" I spit at her. She mumbled an ' that's what you keep telling yourself.' Her other phrase she likes to hit me with is 'what ever gets you through the night.' I lover her like a sister, but she can get really annoying sometimes.

Ella and I walked back to where Two-Bits car was and we found they left us. Great. "They left us. Let's just walk home Ella." We started walking out of the parking lot when a car pulled right next to us. "Need a ride, doll faces?" If there was one thing I hated, it was being called doll face, or broad. We looked over and saw Ella's days for tomorrow night, Toby, from the Shepard gang and Stephan with him in the passenger seat. "Sure." Ella said with a smile. I have her that look that said 'you're gonna pay for this. It was kind if a good thing, cause right then a blue mustang pulled up right next to us. "So where are you two young lady's headed?" Toby asked grinning. "Curtis's household." I said before Ella could answer.

There was an awkward silence for a couple minutes before Ella started up conversation. "So are the four of us still on for tomorrow night? Do you still wanna double date Caitlin?" What the hell was she doing!? Why would she say something like that in front of Stephan?! She was doing it on purpose. "Depends can I know who it is?" I smiled at her, one of those smiles you smile even though you know you won't get an answer. "What's the point of a blind date if you know who it is?" She asked trying to act like it was obvious.

We pulled up to the Curtis's house and got out of the car. I mumbled a 'thank you' and ran up to the door. Ella was still talking to Toby and was probably gonna bum a ride off him to take her home. "Where have you been young lady?" Two-Bit asked cocking an eyebrow. "Oh I don't know, getting my own ride because someone left me." The gang just burst out laughing. "You got homework?" Steve asked trying to put on his best dad face. "Yes dad but I left in my locker." I knew it would piss him off cause our dad moved out of the house, or on most likely terms Steve kicked him out. And he hasn't spoken to us for two weeks since he got kicked out. "Pony,Johnny, wanna go of the field and kick the ball around.?" They said sure and we started walking down the street and Steve shouted, "Don't be home late!"

When we got to the lot we didn't even kick the ball around. Me, Pony, and Johnny laid down in the grass talking about anything and everything. While they were talking my thoughts started to drift towards the gang, and my brother. I thought it was sad that I could only tell things to Pony, Johnny, and even Soda. But not my own brother. Brothers are suppose to protect you and listen to you but instead Steve bosses me around like a child. When I make a mistake it's the end of the world. When I do something incredible I don't get praised. I can never please him. Sometimes I wish I had a brother and not a father figure.

While thinking I never noticed how Pony's hand ended up around my waist. I never really told anyone but I've always had a minor crush on him. I never wanted to do anything about it because I was smart enough to know he didn't feel the same way and I didn't want to ruin our friendship. His touch was so warm and gentle. I decided to enjoy this moment while it lasted because it would never mean anything or happen again.

We watched the sunset for just a little bit longer when we started walking home. Pony's arm never left my waist and I hoped to God I wasn't blushing like all other greaser girls like Angela Shepard probably would be.

The two boys walked me home because I guessed that's where Soda and Steve probably were with Evie and Soda's new girl Olivia. Olivia was a real looker but she was a bitch. Soda could find a way nicer girl than her and he deserved one too. And I just plain out hate Evie. I know Steve doesn't love her, he's just using her for her 'other' charms.

I walked up my porch steps and was surprised to see Pony follow behind. Johnny had already trailed off.

"What're you doing?" I asked him.

"Staying the night. Soda's here and Darry said I had to stay with him.

It was odd for Pony to spend the night, he never had before. I tried to ignore the happiness that started to gnaw at me. I practically became a master at that. Inside the house going on was a poker game between Soda and Steve. Evie and Olivia weren't playing but they kept trying to get the two boys attention by nibbling on their ears and whispering in them. I rolled my eyes at how any guys could find that attractive. I muttered a hi to all of them and went to light candles.

"What are you apart of the accolt?" Evie asked popping her gum in her mouth.

"No. But I'd much rather having the candle scent in this house than you. It makes it so your whoreness doesn't spread." Evie wouldn't do anything to me while Steve was here, and I knew I could take her anyway. She just glared at me while I went up the stairs to me room. I turned on the radio to hear The Beatles playing. I didn't mind them, but Steve hated it when I played it so I turned it up loud in hopes to annoy all of them.

I heard my door opened and turned to find Pony in my bedroom. He walked over to me and kisses me on my forehead. I closed my eyes and while he did this.

"Goodnight." And with that he walked back out.

My mind went off to when Pony started to be less shy around girls. I thought about what Two-Bit once let slip out to me and right around that time he started acting different.

Two-Bit told me that one night at about 2am Pony was out walking and he saw a greaser girl getting hassled by a Soc. So Pony went over there to help her. In return she said she could 'pay him back.'

Something turned inside of me at the thought of Pony losing his virginity. I hadn't confirmed it, but I wasn't just gonna walk up to him and ask. Deep inside me knew it was but didn't want to accept it. It kinda hurt but it's not like I've ever made any moves. A couple years ago I would've laughed if you told me Pony had sex. Now it's hard to believe he has and I hadn't. Pony could practically get any girl he wants now by just grinning. Most people say his grin is like Soda's, maybe even better. So why would he want me?

To stop from tormenting myself I laid in bed and tried to catch some sleep but thoughts of him kept keeping me awake. I eventually nodded off to the song Love You.

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