You Never Know How to Play a Game Until It's Really Played


4. Loose Ends

I was finally happy school was out because I had been waiting impatiently all day for the occasion. I wasn't excited for the date because of the dating part, I was anxious to find out who my blind date was. I don't think it was fair Ella got to know hers but I didn't get to know mine.

I was applying light mascara and eyeliner to my eyes, and a red cherry lipstick to cover my mouth when Pony and Johnny walked in my room. I was lucky they came in then cause if they would've barged in two minutes earlier they would've seen me naked.

"What're you gettin' all dolled up for Caitlin?" Johnny asked me. I smiled at his comment not looking away from the mirror.

"I gotta date Johnnycake's." I walked past them to my dresser to get out a dress I planned on wearing. I was only in a tank-top and shorts right now. I put the dress over my body and looked in the mirror. The dress was a pretty light blue that came right above my knees.

"You got a date!" Both boys said in unison.

"Yeah, you know one of those things you go to where you're with another person and spend time with them." I knew I was being a smart ass but I didn't care. I was about to take off my clothes when I realized they were still in the room. "Turn around." Once they did I started to fix the dress around my curves. It didn't bother me that they were in the room. I knew that they wouldn't turn around and if they did, what would it hurt?

(Pony's POV)

I was a little bummed that Caitlin was going on a date. Johnny was the only one who knew I liked her. I wanted to tell her, but I didn't quite know what to say. All I could do was sit back in watch other guys sweep her off her feet.

She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had long gorgeous straight blonde and brown hair. She had curves in all the right places. She had fascinating diamond blue eyes that mesmerized you every time you looked into them. I wanted her, but I needed her more.

She came over to us and kissed both of us on the cheek on left us standing there.

(Caitlin's POV)

I went over to Ella's house and picked her and her boyfriend up. We were on our way to the nightly double so se could meet my 'date.'

I waited patiently in the seat and just watched the movie.

I started to hear Ella squeal and looked at her to question it. When I did she pointed up at the guy standing next to my chair. When I saw him my eyes went wide and I stood up.

"What are you doing here!" I asked as I saw Stephan standing right in front of me.

"Well I think I'm here to be somebody's date." He smiled at me and tilted the rose in his hand toward me. I took it from humans threw it at his feet.

"Take that rose and shove it up your ass Stephan." I turned toward Ella. "This is by far the worst thing you've ever done." I started to walk off and I could feel my face reddening from the best and anger radiating off of it.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, wait up.!" Stephan called out to me but I ignored him and kept walking. He grabbed my arm and twirled me around.

"I want you to know this wasn't Ella's idea, it was mine."

"Well she still went along with it didn't she!"

"Look Caitlin! I'm sorry for what I did it wasn't right-"

"You're sorry? You weren't so sorry when you were having sex and shoving your throat down that other girls face! You don't have a right to be sorry, just leave me alone Stephan." I released my arm from his grip and started my walk home. So much for Ella telling me his name was fucking Dean. She was supposed to be my best friend, why would she do something like this?

I hated Stephan to no end and I couldn't wait to go back and see Ponyboy. He was one of the only things keeping me going.

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