Skater Girl & Skater Boy

What happens, when skater girl, moves into a new house with her twin sister, and meets skater boy? Dillans a foster child, she's 15, and her and her twin sister, Liyla, have had it sorta rough. But what happens when they get relocated, and have to move in with the Micalises family? Read to find out!


9. Chappy 9!

Jake's POV


'I love you' I mouth to her, sense I know she can't hear me from inside. I've been arrested before, and I'm sure she has too, it still sucks when it happens though. "And as for you. I don't want to see you again! Especially around Dillian," Her guy guardian says. "The more you push, the less she'll care. If you actually loosen up on her for awhile, it'll get her attention way more then getting her arrested. Trust me, once she's back she'll just do it again. And I'll help her too. Why? Because I'd do anything for that girl," I tell them. "What makes you so sure she won't run off from you too? We've both known her the same amount of time," The woman says. "Because I actual took the time to get to know her as the rebellious soul she is. I have no right to tie her down, nor do I want to. And that's why she trusts me. I know because I'm the same way as her," I say walking off back towards the school. "Stay away from her!" The man shouts again. I ignore them, and just go back inside to my class.




The bell rings and I meet up with Josh. "Where's the babe?" He asks. "Juvy," I reply with a sigh, then a chuckle. "Seriously? I just saw her this morning, and she's already in that much trouble?" He asks laughing. "It's the people she's staying with. They're just too hard on her," I reply. He nods his head. "She tolled me why she freaked out this morning. It's more then just being a virgin," He says. "What'd she say?" I ask, a bit confused as to why she tolled him and not me. A little jealous too. "She said her sister got pregnant at 12 years old. Her dad went to prison around the same time, the stress of it made her mom commit suicide. She said she made a promise with herself not to do it until she's at least 18. She doesn't want to get pregnant, and stress people out like with her mom," he tells me. I nod my head. "She's been through a lot dude. I don't know how she stands it," I tell him. "Yeah," he says. "I want to do something special for her. To let her know I'm here for her. And even though we haven't known each other long, I'm dedicated," I say. "Damn. Your really into her, aren't you?" He chuckles. "Yeah, I am," I smile. "I've never seen you like this with a girl," he says. "She different dude. There's something about her that makes me smile," I say.

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