Skater Girl & Skater Boy

What happens, when skater girl, moves into a new house with her twin sister, and meets skater boy? Dillans a foster child, she's 15, and her and her twin sister, Liyla, have had it sorta rough. But what happens when they get relocated, and have to move in with the Micalises family? Read to find out!


7. Chappy 7!

Dillian's POV


         We leave the skate park, and head to school. Once we get there, the principal helps me find what classes I'm in. My first class is art, which I turned out sharing it with a skating friend, Josh. "Yo, sup Dillian?" Josh greets. "Hey Josh," I smile. "Jake said he accidently scared you this morning," he chuckles. "Yah, not the greatest thing to happen to me," I say. He chuckles again, "Why was it such a big deal? I get your a virgin and all, it still shouldn't have upset you so much." "Well, that's kinda the reason my Mom's dead," I say. "What do you mean?" He asks. "My sister had sex with a guy when she was 12, a month later we found out she was pregnant. My mom was already stressed out, sense my dad just got sentenced to prison for 15 years. She was so overwhelmed, and killed herself," I say. "Ever sense then I promised myself I wouldn't do it until I was at least 18," I sigh. I tear trickles down my check, thinking of mom, but I immediately wipe it away. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you explain that to Jake?" he asks. "No. I should have, but I didn't," I reply. He nods his head. The teacher claps her hands, to get every one's attention. "Ok kids. Let's get started. First let's introduce our new student, Dillian. Please stand up sweetheart," she smiles. "I don't want to, I'm good," I say. "Dillian, please stand up, and say a few things about yourself. "Haven't I said enough? They all know who I am now, and they should all know I don't like teachers," I smile cheerfully. "I don't know how it worked in your old school, but that kind of behavior isn't tolerated here," she says. "Yah, it wasn't tolerated there either. You'll get use to it after awhile," I reply. "Have it your way, you can just go to I.S.S., alright?" she asks. "Ok. Sounds good to me," I say, standing up and following her out of the room. We get to the I.S.S. room, and she talks with the teacher for a minute, then leaves. He seemed like a grumpy teacher. "Sit down and start a work sheet," he snaps. "Hey Dillian!" Adam smiles. "Hey Adam," I say, finding a seat next to him. Wow, skate boarding really pays off, I know someone every where I go. "Didn't think to see you in here so soon," he laughs. "Eh, I'm surprised I wasn't in here 15 minutes ago," I return the laugh. "Quiet!" the grumpy guy says. "Sorry, Sir Grumpy Pants," I sass. "My name is Mr. Thornock, now shut up and do your work," he says. "More like Mr. pain in the ass," I tell Adam. We both start laughing. Mr. pain in the ass stands up, and walks over to us. "If you two don't shut up, I'll send you to the principle's office," He threatens. "Oohh I'm sooo scared," I say sarcastically. "Alright, let's go," he says. He grabs my ear, and pulls me out of the room. "Ouch, ouch, ouch! God your mean," I say. He takes me into the principles office, and puts me on the couch. He takes to the principle for a minute, then leaves. "Weren't you such in here getting your schedule?" he asks. "Yup. And know I'm back," I say, with a huge smile. "Alright, well, let's call your parents," he says. He gets on his computer, and finds there number, and calls them. "Hello. I'm calling to inform you your child needs to be picked up. She hasn't very been easy..............What do you mean? You didn't know where she was?..............Yah, she's right here...........Ok, thank you........Yes, I will.......Ok, bye," and he hangs up. "Wow. Even your parents have had trouble with you. Looks like we're going to have to switch your class to more strict teachers," he says. "They're not my real parents anyways. They're just foster parents," I roll my eyes. God, now they have to come get me. "Foster parents or not, they're still your legal guardians," he says. "Whatever," I fold my arms, and glare at him. "So, your 15 then?" he asks. "16," I correct. "Ahh, ok," he says. "I have a question," he says. "Sure, asks away," I say. "Will you please be more behaved? I mean, I get your a rebel. That's probably why my nephew Jake likes you so much, but please, jus try to get along with the teachers," he says. "Wait, your Jakes, uncle? And how did the word spread so quick that we were together?" I ask. "He came in and tolled me you might be some trouble," he said. I nod my head. "Yah, it seems he's tolled both you, and Josh," I say. "He tells Josh everything. They've known each other sense they were tiny," he says. You know, this principles not so bad after all. After awhile of us talking, my "parents" walk into the room. "Oh my gosh! We were so worried about you!" the lady says, pulling me up, and into a hug. "Back off," I roll my eyes. "How much trouble has she caused, what ever she's done we're so sorry!" she says. "We've only seen her for short moments of time before she runs of, and leaves to her stupid boyfriends house," the man says. "Um, hello, that 'stupid boyfriend of hers, happens to be my nephew," the principle says. Yes! This principle is awesome! "I can see on your case though, how this would be hard for you. I understand. If you'll please bring her in tomorrow, so we can switch her classes around, so she has better teachers, it would help in our taking care of her, and your also," he says. Never mind, there goes the awesome part. "Thank you sir," the lady says, and we exit. They both grab one of my wrists, and drag me out to the car. "Ouch, your hurting me," I groan. "Well too bad, get in the car," they say. They shove me in the car, then get themselves in. But before they notice, I jump outa the car, and make a run for it. I run back into the school, but fall, and land on my butt, when I run into Jake. "GET BACK HERE!" They yell. Jake picks me up bridal style, making me blush, and we take off.

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