Skater Girl & Skater Boy

What happens, when skater girl, moves into a new house with her twin sister, and meets skater boy? Dillans a foster child, she's 15, and her and her twin sister, Liyla, have had it sorta rough. But what happens when they get relocated, and have to move in with the Micalises family? Read to find out!


4. Chappy 4!

Dillan's P.O.V.


        The door bell rings, and I jump off my bed, and run downstairs. That one lady has already opened the door, and says hi to Jake. "Hey, I'm picking up Dillan, she here?" he asks. "Yes, she is, but it's way to late, she's not going anywhere," she says. I walk over to her, and push her out of the way. "Let's go," I smile. The lady grabs my arm before I can go anywhere. "Tonights family night, and I want to get to know you," she says. I roll my eyes at her. "I tolled you before, I'm not even gonna be here very often, so why the hell do you have to get to know me?" I ask her. I hear Jake laugh behind me. "Don't you dare speak to me like that!" she yells. I laugh. "To bad, I'll speak to you how I want to, now, see ya," I sassily smile. I pulled my arm out of her grip, and slam the door. "Run!" I tell Jake. We run off, and jump into his car. That lady runs out the door, and tries to catch up with us, but Jake hits the gas, and were off. We both laugh. "Sorry 'bout that. I guess she's just as strict as her house is clean," I chuckle. "So, you don't know her?" he asks. "Nope. Just moved in this morning. I'm a foster kid," I say. "Oh," he replies. "Eh, it's not so bad. At least being a foster kid made me bump into you," I smile. "True. Well, I can tell you one thing about that lady," he says. "And what's that?" I ask. "She one of those lady's who likes everything to be perfect. She actually sent in a request to city hall to get rid of the skate park. She doesn't like all us, bad mouthed, badass skaters riding up and down her street," he says. "Seriously? Wow, I have a feeling my stay there, is going to suck," I roll my eyes. He chuckles. "Mind if I stay with you tonight? Or, awhile?" I ask. "Go ahead. I don't mind," he says. "Thanks," I smile. "No prob," he says. We pull up to a restaurant, and he hops out, and opens my door for me. "For a bad ass your sure a gentle man," I smile. "A bad ass doesn't mean a jerk," he says. "I know" I reply. We walk up to the place, and he opens the restaurant door for me. I walk in, and he pats my butt. I blush, and he chuckles. We walk up to the counter, and get our seats.




After the date, we head back to his house. We walk inside, and I here his mom call, "Jake! That you?" she yells from another room. "Yah!" he shouts back. She walks in the room, and smiles. She has long brown, flowing hair that reaches her belly, and brown eyes. "Who's this?" she asks, friendly, and warmly. "This is Dillan. We just got back from our date," he says. "Hi Dillan, I'm Jakes mom, Stephanie," she shakes my hand. "Nice to meet you," I smile. "We'll be upstairs," Jake says. We start heading up his stairs, when his mom calls again. "Is she staying the night?" she asks. "Yah!" he calls back. "Is she your girlfriend?" she asks. "Uh, no!" he calls back. "Make her your girlfriend, then she can stay! she calls. "Be my girlfriend?" he asks me. I laugh. "Why not," I chuckle. He presses a small kiss to my lips, and yells back to his mom. "Ok! Done! She's mine now!" he shouts. "Ok!" and that was the last of it. We head upstairs, and into his bedroom. It was a pretty big room, and surprisingly, it was clean. His closet has his clothes in it of course, and tons of high tops I absolutely love. The walls were different colors. One wall was black, one was blue, one was red, and the other was orange, and going through the middle of them all was a gray border stripe. He had a couple skate boards against the wall. He had his bed in the corner, and his dresser next to it. "Well, this is my room," he says. "I'm actually really surprised it's clean," I say. "My mom cleans it, or else it would be a mess," he laughs. "That would explain it," I reply. I jump onto his bed, and kick my black and white all star converse off. I snuggle into his blankets, and close my eyes. "Night night," I say. He laughs, and climbs in bed with me. He kicks off his shoes, and takes off his snap back, ha, and his pants. He smirks a bit, and lightly kisses me. "Good night," he says. I snuggle into his chest, and fall asleep.

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