Skater Girl & Skater Boy

What happens, when skater girl, moves into a new house with her twin sister, and meets skater boy? Dillans a foster child, she's 15, and her and her twin sister, Liyla, have had it sorta rough. But what happens when they get relocated, and have to move in with the Micalises family? Read to find out!


2. Chappy 2!

--Dillan's POV--


             We pull up to the new house. It's a tan house, the bottom half of the house is designed with smooth round rocks. The grass is perfectly green, the flowers perfectly growing,  not a single imperfection, at all! It disgusted me! I have a feeling it's going to be one of those families who try to act perfect and crap. I look at Liyla, and she looks excited, of course. I look over, and a guy rides past on his skate board. He's pretty hot! I think. "OMG! That guy is soooo hot!" Liyla shouts. Looking out the window amazed. I sigh. Well, there go my chances with him! If Liyla likes him, he's hers. She always gets what she wants. I climbed out of the car, with my skate board in my hand. "Nice board!" the guy shouts from down the street. "Yours isn't so bad either!" I shout back. He gives me the head flip, and keeps riding. I get in the trunk, and grab my bag, at the same time as Liyla. She looks at me. "He's mine. Don't even try," She laughs, grabbing her bags, and heading in the house. I roll my eyes at her. I grab my bags, throw one of them on my shoulder, and the rest of them in my hands, and head inside. I get inside, and the house is perfectly clean. Not a single thing out of place, not a single spec of dust to be seen. A woman comes over, with a big smile on her face. "Welcome!" She says, hugging Liyla. She then gives me a hug. "Follow me to your bedroom," She says. "I don't need a bedroom, I'll be too busy," I say, slopping my bags on her couch. "I'll be outside," I say, walking outside, my skate board in my hand, not waiting for a reply. I jump on my skate board, and start riding up the street, to where my phone said the nearest skate park is.

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