Skater Girl & Skater Boy

What happens, when skater girl, moves into a new house with her twin sister, and meets skater boy? Dillans a foster child, she's 15, and her and her twin sister, Liyla, have had it sorta rough. But what happens when they get relocated, and have to move in with the Micalises family? Read to find out!


11. Chappy 11!

A banging comes from the door downstairs. "That's gonna be my foster parents. Jake hide me, please. Don't let them find me," I beg him. "Okay. Go hide in my closet. Josh come help me out," Jake says. I nod my head and run out of the hall way, and back into his room. I quickly run into the closet, and hide in the farthest part of it.


Jake's POV


I go and answer the door, and Josh goes and slops on the couch, pretending like we've been watching T.V. this whole time. I open the door, to see her foster parents. "Where is she?" The man shouts at me. "Who?" I ask pretending to be confused. "Dillian! Don't try to pull something over me. I know she's here. We saw her run this way," The woman says angry. "Wait, she's gone? I didn't even know she'd been released," I say. "I know she's here boy, stop lying!" The man pushes me a bit. "She's not here! If she came up this way, she might be at the skate park. That's where she's usually goes if anything happens," I tell them. "What's going on?" Josh walks up. "Dillians gone," I tell him, acting worried. "I can call Adam, see if she's at the skate park, or if he's seen her," he says. I nod my head. "You better not be lying," The man says. I shake my head. "She's not here. But I'd be more than happy to help you look for her," I offer. "No. I don't want street filth like you looking for her," He says. The two of them walk away, just as the cops pull up. I close the door, and look at Josh, just as he hangs up the phone. "Adam says he'll get everyone down there on the same page, and same story. He said if anyone asks, he'll say he saw her running towards the train tracks. That way they'll think she's ran away or something. It should at least give us time to think of something to do with her," he says. "Thanks man," I say. "Are they gone?" She asks  coming down the stairs a bit. "They might come back, so we don't have a lot of time. What do you want to do baby?" he asks. "I don't know anymore," She says. She stands there, crying on the stairs, not knowing what to do. I go up the stairs and stand next to her, and hold her tight. She seemed so scared. "We can leave. I say we go get your sister, and we just go," I say. "Liyla won't. I tried to get her to come, but she refused," she says, shaking like crazy. "Are you sure?" I ask. She nods her head. "Okay. Do you still want to go though?" I wonder. "I don't have any other choice," she says. "Let's go then. Josh, you coming?" I ask him. "Yeah. I'll help you grab the stuff," he says. "You are one lucky girl baby. I knew you might do this, so every things packed already. We just have to get it into the truck," he says. "Thank you," she says. "Anything for you," I say kissing her head. I hold her hand, and the three of us run upstairs, and grab everything. Food, water, money, clothes, skateboards, and anything else we thought we might need, shoved into bags. We grab them all, and run downstairs. I check out the window, then nod. "They're gone, we're good. Let's go while we can," I say. We run out the door, and jump in my moms truck, putting everything in the back seat. I put in the keys, and start the engine, while Dillian straps into the middle, and Josh sits in shotgun.


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