Look I'm Sorry

Hi I'm Forever, yep thats my name! I have chocolate brown hair and baby blue eyes. im average size for my age ( which is 19). I love loads of different music :) but i ove 5sos! I get the best opertunity ever but i dont know if i should take it or not? My full name is Forever Emey and i dont know my last name ! i wish i did but who would care im a orphan


1. Chapter 1

Forevers POV

'good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught!'

I sang at the top of my lungs fogetting all the worrys i had been holding in, I have no cares any more I'm free to be who i want to be, it's my time to shine

"SHUT THE HELL UP FO!" my best friend Mally screamed at the other end of our room in 'miss mersas home for girls', yep thats right I live in an orphanige at 19! I will never get adopted because I'm 19!

"Get up Mal there is adopters coming today and you need to get ready!" i replyed to my lazy friend who was spread out across her bead, you see she is 16 and she has a chance of gettin adopted so i may as well just stay up here it i not like i will get adopted!

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