McKenzie Claire

I'm Annabella. My ex got me pregnant at 16. He said he loved me. But the next day he was gone and I never seen him since. He ditched town. Worse of all the next week I found out I was pregnant. So I decided to start all over just me and my baby. I moved out of Canada and into California. I left my family in my hometown but we visit them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. My only question is did he ever return? Is he looking for us? Is he going to find us?

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23. Waking Up The Beauty

(Justin's P.O.V)
I got outta the shower and walked out into the kitchen.
When I walked out I saw McKenzie looking at me.
"Hey McKenzie what are you doing here" I picked her up and kissed her cheek. 
"Well she's joining us for breakfast cause her mommy won't wake up" Fredo said.
"Ok is it ready"
"Then lets eat" I smiled at her then put her down on a chair.


After breakfast I took McKenzie into the living room with Fredo and had him put on kid show for her.
I walked out of my apartment and into Anna's. 
I figured that it wasn't locked considering McKenzie was the last one out.
After opening every door, I found Anna's room.
She was out like a light. She looks so beautiful and peaceful when she's asleep. I don't want to wake her up anymore, but I have to.
I walked up to her and shook her shoulder lightly.
"Anna" I whispered.
She didn't move, so I tried saying her name louder... that still didn't work. 
Damn she's a heavy sleeper... then I remembered how I used to wake her up when we were young.. but she'll kill me if I do it... but then again it the only thing that'll wake her up.
I leaned down closer to her face and kissed her.. she started kissing back so I knew she was waking up.
A couple minutes passed and she was finally fully awake. I know she is because she finally pushed me away.
"JUSTIN!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" She screamed.
"Well I was trying to wake you up because your daughter is in my apartment."
"In your apartment?" She looked really confused, "why is she in your apartment?!"
"Cause she was hungry and you wouldn't wake up. I fed her pancakes." 
"Uhh.. thanks for feeding her.. um do you know where she is now?"
"Yea she with Fredo, my friend, watching cartoons"
"Ok" she said standing up and streching, "get out so I can get changed" she started to push me out.
"Ok just come next door when your done"
"K" she yawned.
'Why is she tired if she slept till almost noon?'

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