McKenzie Claire

I'm Annabella. My ex got me pregnant at 16. He said he loved me. But the next day he was gone and I never seen him since. He ditched town. Worse of all the next week I found out I was pregnant. So I decided to start all over just me and my baby. I moved out of Canada and into California. I left my family in my hometown but we visit them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. My only question is did he ever return? Is he looking for us? Is he going to find us?

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19. Stalking

I was on the airplane in first class cause Scooter wants me to record my new music. All I was doing was thinking about Anna and McKenzie. 
'I know they live near me cause McKenzie said that she saw me in the mall when my beliebers were going crazy over me. I'm going to do whatever it takes to find them.'
(The next moring)
So yesterday afternoon I got off the plane went straight to the studio and recorded until 10 at night.
But this moring I'm going to schools to see which one McKenzie goes to. So I got changed went into my car and started it. 
 I came out of my drive way and went to the first school. I went inside asking for McKenzie and they had no clue who she was. So that leaves one other elementary school. Cause there's only 2 in this town so I went to the school and saw someone walking into the school with someone else.
'That's Anna and McKenzie'
I saw Anna bend down and give her a kiss the she got up and walked back to her car while McKenzie walked into the school. I went to my dashboard and grabbed the notepad and the pen. I wrote down Anna's car information like color, company, licenses plate, and what type of car it is. Then I wrote down what school McKenzie went to. 
Anna started driving so I followed her, but a car or 2 behind. I followed her until she parked and got out. I stayed outside the parking lot and I saw that we were at a doctors office and she was dressed as a nurse.
I wrote in my notepad where she works and what she does. Then I went to go get breakfast. 
I went to the McDonald's drive thru and got an egg and cheese sandwich with a hashbrown and some coffee. 
I drove back to her office and waited for her to come out, and to make time go by quicker I went on my Twitter and Instagram and went on a following spree.

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