McKenzie Claire

I'm Annabella. My ex got me pregnant at 16. He said he loved me. But the next day he was gone and I never seen him since. He ditched town. Worse of all the next week I found out I was pregnant. So I decided to start all over just me and my baby. I moved out of Canada and into California. I left my family in my hometown but we visit them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. My only question is did he ever return? Is he looking for us? Is he going to find us?

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18. Finding Things Out

So right now i'm playing basketball at the park with Ryan, Chaz and strangers. Yea I figured out a way to get them here.
And actually Anna came a couple of minutes ago too. Right now she's talking to Megan on the bleachers. McKenzie is at the playground with some boy playing on the monkey bars. 
Chaz threw me the ball and I ran. I threw the ball into the basket and scored a point for our team.
My team was giving me high fives when in the corner of my eyes I saw McKenzie fall. I ran out of the game and went to her side.
"McKenzie are you okay?"
She just kept crying.
"What hurts?"
She wouldn't answer.
I saw Anna and Megan running towards us.
"Baby what happened?" Anna bent down and pushed the hair out off face. 
"She fell on the monkey bars" I said.
She picked her up and McKenzie put her head in Anna's neck and continued to cry. 
"Thanks Justin"
"No problem"
"Come on Cody" Megan said.
And they went back to the bleachers.
 I got up and wipe the wood chips off of me and went back to the basketball game.
But I got distracted again by my thoughts.
'McKenzie is Anna's daughter'
'McKenzie is five cause she told me at the party last night along with her birthday.'
'Anna is the same age as me but a couple months younger.
So 21 subtract 5 equals 16'
'Anna had her when she was 16'
'But Anna and I lost our virginity to eachother before I left when we were 16.'
'So McKenzie's.... MY DAUGHTER!!!'

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