Troyler - Can't Help Falling in Love

''Promise me one thing.''
''I know this is .. weird, but i don't want to get in any.. kind of.. relationship.''
My heart was beating. And i felt a little warm.
''What do you mean by that?''
Of course i knew what he meant. I just needed time to soak it in.


2. Digifest


I couldn't believe it, my love for Tyler was getting stronger and stronger.

This isn't the end. It is just a start on a beautiful relationship. Well, that was what i was thinking when i met him. And i just want it to be true. But i'm not sure, it's not over yet, and who know what's going to happen? Maybe our relationship would widen. Maybe not. I just hope the best. I gotta keep my head up.

Last night i dreamt something truly amazing. It was like a dream.. i mean, it literally was a dream. 

I was lying on the couch, when i heard Tyler came home. 

''Over here.'' i yelled.

''Oh, there you are. Look what i bought'' he laughed.

''Don't let it be anythi-... is that hummus?'' I looked up.

''Do you remember it?''. I could see Tyler cracking up.

''Hahaha i sure do.'' - I kinda laughed nervously. Hope he couldn't hear it.


Not again. The silent moments. It felt so awkward, we just stared at each other. It was kinda scary.

''Troye?'' he said. His voice was soft.

I looked up at Tyler.

I wasn't saying anything.


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