Troyler - Can't Help Falling in Love

''Promise me one thing.''
''I know this is .. weird, but i don't want to get in any.. kind of.. relationship.''
My heart was beating. And i felt a little warm.
''What do you mean by that?''
Of course i knew what he meant. I just needed time to soak it in.


1. Fat virgin.

Stop it, Troye. Don't fall it love with him. Don't look into his beautiful greeny-blue, beautiful eyes like you're in love. Cause you're not. I am not in love.

It was crazy. Tyler had me going crazy these past few days. 

''Troye Sivan is a fat virgin. Still half-true.''

I smiled. He just makes me laugh, and i can't help it. I might be falling in love with Tyler Oakley.

It reminds me of the ''accident'' last week. The kiss. My whole body went warm, when i thought of it. His cute lips placed on mine, his whiskey sour breath. We were.. kinda drunk. And maybe a bit of tongue was involved. 

It was the day after, i felt sad. Because of Tyler. Because of what he told me. He didn't want a real relationship. He said it was just a kiss, and there were no feelings at all.

It's not just a kiss. I mean.. if the Troyler fandom saw this, they would.. think we were taking it to the next level. I really wish we were, but maybe Tyler is right. Just a kiss. Im confused. Im going over to Tyler tomorrow, to get this explained.

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