This story is about a popular girl named Meredith that thinks everything will be as easy for her as it has always been. But, what will happen when 5 guys move to her school. Will she fall in love with one of them, or will her emotions get the best of her leaving her forever alone. See what happens in the story Irresistible.


22. There Was Nothing We Could Do

         I spent the rest of the afternoon convincing Dani that it may have just been a misunderstanding and that nothing was really happening between the Lucy girl, and Liam. She still was weary about trusting Liam but, agreed to talk to him.

       I left the room to let her talk to Liam alone and my phone went off. " Hello." I said.

       " Hey," the person on the other end said. " It's Lou."

       " What's up handsome?" I asked smiling through the phone.

       " Nothing much." He stated sighing. " Just about to sit on the couch and watch a movie, you wanna join?"

       " I can't right now Louis. I'm sorry, I have to make sure Dani is okay first. She's extremely crushed from the whole phone situation from earlier." I said feeling bad that I couldn't spend time with him.

       " It's okay Love." He stated. " Rain check?" He questioned.

       " Of coarse." I said smiling through the phone. " Bye, love you."

      " Bye Mara. Love you too." I could hear him smile through his voice. I then hung up the phone and went upstairs to check on Dani. I approached the door to her room and heard her giggle from the other side.

    " She's you cousin?" She asked rhetorically laughing her head off. " I can't believe I was being so stupid. I love you so much babe." She said before hanging up the phone and walking towards the door. I leaned on the wall as if I wasn't listening. " Mara, did you just hear that whole conversation?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest, pretending to be angry.

       " Um, only the part where you were laughing and saying how Lucy is his cousin." I stated crossing my arms back at her.

        She smiled widely at me. " This is legit the best news I've received in like three months."

        I hugged her saying. " Not everything has to be worst case scenario you now."

        She pulled away and looked me in the eyes. " I know, but, if you expect the worst possible thing and it happens then you aren't let down because you were expecting it anyway."

         " True, true." I stated smiling at her. " But, sometimes it's good to be positive."

          She laughed grabbing her now slightly inflated stomach. " In this case positive isn't a good thing." We both laughed extremely hard and walked towards her spiral staircase that led to the main floor. " Speaking of babies and sex, did you and Lou have sex last night?" I nodded my head at her. " OMG this is a big deal. How was it?"

        " Um, considering I have nothing else to compare it to he was great." I said blushing wildly. " What how'd you know?"

        " It was pretty obvious." She said laughing. " You were walking kinda funny in the movie theatre. He must have really pounded you hard, huh."

         " Hey," I said hitting her arm pretending to be angry but failing epically.

         We laughed for another minute before she looked at me seriously. " Did you use protection?" Her face was emotionless.

        " Of coarse." I said and she lightened up again smiling widely.

      " Well, I'm happy you enjoyed your fucking." She said walking towards the fridge and grabbing a pop for her and myself.

         Dani clicked her pop open and started walking towards the kitchen door. All of a sudden she hunched over herself in pain and blood started to trickle down her legs, landing on the floor. " The baby!" She screamed in a panic grabbing the wall to stop herself from falling over.

          I ran over to her and slowly started to walk her towards the door. Tears were streaming down her face, as she sobbed loudly to herself. " It's okay Dani. I'll bring you to the hospital don't worry you'll be fine." I said hurrying her towards the car.

          " It's too late." She said gripping her belly for dear life. " The babies gone, I lost the baby Mara, it's too late."

        I ignored her now quiet sobs from the seat beside me and drove as fast as I could towards the hospital. We busted into the Emergency room blood still flowing out of Danielle, and walked up to the front desk. " Woman having a miscarriage." I said to the woman at reception and she immediately led us to the doctor.

       The doctor had stopped the bleeding and ran the tests on Danielle. After about an hour the results came back. " I'm sorry." He said quietly to himself. " There was nothing that we could do, you lost the baby." At this Dani started to cry into her hands again. The doctor rubbed her back slowly and said. " You can stay here for as much time as you need. If you choose to try again for a child you have to wait two weeks. I hope your days start looking up from here." He said sadly before exiting the room.

         " I was a terrible Mom." Dani said quietly. " I killed my baby."

          " No you didn't." I said taken back by her comment. " This happens sometimes. It's not your fault it just happens."

           " What am I supposed to say to Liam?" She asked me shivering at his name.

           " Just tell him the truth." I stated. " He'll understand." With that we left the hospital, and went to Liam's house to break the horrible news.

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