This story is about a popular girl named Meredith that thinks everything will be as easy for her as it has always been. But, what will happen when 5 guys move to her school. Will she fall in love with one of them, or will her emotions get the best of her leaving her forever alone. See what happens in the story Irresistible.


18. Surprise, Surprise

            The next morning I awake to two warm arms wrapped around my waist and the soft, quiet snores of Louis. I lye there beside him looking up at his soft features. He just looks so calm and relaxed as he sleeps. He started to shift underneath me and he slowly opened his eyes. " Hey beautiful." He whispered in his morning voice, smiling at me still half asleep. He slowly sat up and kissed my lips quickly before getting out of bed and heading towards his suitcase that was on the other side of the room.

            " Hey handsome." I replied happily as he grabbed a t- shirt out of the suitcase and pulled it over his perfectly formed body. 

             I stare at him as he slowly makes his way back to the bed and plops down beside me. " You like what you see?" He said laughing a little bit.

           I smiled up at him saying. " Of coarse I like what I see, otherwise I wouldn't be here." He smiled at me sweetly, and leaned in kissing my lips slowly. I fall back on the bed and he slowly lowers himself on top of me.

          Out of nowhere someone clears their throat from the doorway and Louis using all of the strength he had pulled himself off of me groaning loudly in annoyance. I laughed a little and focused my vision towards the door. " Well hi." Liam said with a smile. " Happy you two are still getting along well. Taking it the date was good then." I nodded at him and he smiled. " Sorry for interrupting, but can you go tend to Dani? She's been throwing up in the toilet for like a half hour, and she won't let me touch her."

          I looked at him nervously and said. " Of coarse." Jumping off of the bed, giving Louis a quick hug and kiss, and running across the hall to check on Danielle.

           As soon as I opened the door to our room Dani screamed. " Mara, is that you?"

          I ran towards the bathroom and said. " Yeah sweetheart it's me, What's going on?"

         " It's nothing really. I mean I'm not sick or anything." She said frowning at me.

         " What is it then?" I asked hoping that it wasn't exactly what I thought it was. She through a little white stick at me and I instantaneously knew what it was. I flipped it over and just as I suspected, there was a little pink plus sign marking that she was pregnant. " Wait, when?" I asked flustered out of my mind.

          " About two weeks before the trip." Danielle stated as she stuck her head in the toilet yet again throwing her guts up. I grabbed her hair from her face and rubbed her back slowly as we sat there for another hour. Finally we made it out of the bathroom, and asked. " Are you surprised?"

          I looked her in the eyes saying. " Not really. I knew you weren't being careful. I was going to tell you to start looking out for yourself, but I guess it's too late for late." 

           She laughed a little and laid down on the bed. " If only you would have told me that two weeks ago." She stated. " Hold me?" She asked with a pouty face.

          " Of coarse." I said laying on the bed beside her and pulling her into me. " I got your back sis." She laughed again and with that we fell asleep. 

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