This story is about a popular girl named Meredith that thinks everything will be as easy for her as it has always been. But, what will happen when 5 guys move to her school. Will she fall in love with one of them, or will her emotions get the best of her leaving her forever alone. See what happens in the story Irresistible.


13. Oh Crap

                  The next thing I remember was getting shaken awake by Danielle and pulled towards the door. " What's going on?" I asked in a confused groggy morning voice.

            Danielle shushed me until we were back in our normal room. " Mr. Tengelis is going around checking if people are in their right rooms."
         I looked at her puzzled. Why would he even have the suspicion that we switched rooms last night. Then it popped into my head. " You don't think Harry told Mr. Tengelis, do you?"

        She shook her head as if to say " Yes." Then she started with her explanation. " Niall came barging into the room at 2 am this morning telling us to go wake you two up and switch and get you into our room as quickly as possible. Apparently Harry walked past your door last night and heard you two talking. He got really upset and decided to wait until both of you were asleep to tell Mr. T. He told Niall that it would ensure that you and Louis were kicked off of the trip and sent home. Harry's really pissed at you Mara. What happened last night?"

       " Nothing happened last night. I swear. Louis and I just kissed, that's all." I looked at her to see her reaction and she had a gleaming smile spread across her face.

       " Does that mean that you two are dating then?" She starred straight into my eyes with heavy anticipation.

      " Sorry to upset you Dani, but we really haven't talked about it yet."

      She made a small huffing sound and went back to thinking about Harry. " What were the two of you talking about before and after you two kissed?"

      My face went white like a ghost and that is went we heard a loud knock on the door. " Act like you've just woken up okay." Dani nodded and we walked towards the door. I opened it stretching and let out a fake yawn. " Oh hi Mr. T." I said in my best tired voice. " What's up?"

     He looked at me astonished " Oh nothing I guess. It's just that there were some suspicions that you and Mr. Tomlinson were sharing a room."

     I let out an irritated laugh and said. " Well, as you can see it's just Dani and I in this room."

    He nodded and said. " Must have just been a misunderstanding. You may go back to sleep now Ms. Dawson."

     I smiled at him kindly and said. " Will do." Before shutting the door in his face. I looked back at Dani and wiped my forehead signalling that the coast was clear. We layed down on the beds and quickly fell asleep.

     The next morning when I awoke, I barged out of my room and straight to the direction of Harry's. I knocked quite loudly on his door and he opened it in nothing but his boxers. My eyes quickly fell to his toned stomach and then I remembered why I was there. " Harry can I talk to you?" I asked in a forced upset manner.

     He gave me an irritate pissed off laugh and said. " Why, so you can just stick your tongue down my throat?"

    At this I slapped him extremely hard in the face making him stumble backwards a few steps and forced my way into his room. " Sit on the God damn couch." I yelled at him. He complied and sat on the sofa. " Why are you so angry?" I asked him raising my voice. " I don't get it. I just can't wrap my head around your fucking brain long enough to understand what it thinks is logic. Don't you get that I'm doing this because I love you Harry. I may not love you in the way that you want me to but, I still love you. I just don't get why you are trying to ruin my life because I won't be your girlfriend. Don't you get that I don't want to hurt you, I care about you way to much and I feel like if I dated you it would be out of pity. In the end you would be the one getting hurt, and I just can't live with that." At this point I was crying and I turned my back to him.

      He walked over to me wrapping his arms around me and turning so that I was crying into his chest. " Don't hide from me Meredith. You may thing that crying is a form of weakness but, I see it as a strength and courage. It takes strength to cry and know that you'll be fine and, it takes courage to show people that. I understand that you don't want to hurt me and I appreciate that. I also understand that you don't see me in the way that I want you to. I'm sorry I did that to you. I wasn't thinking. I just heard you and Louis talking about not getting off of his bed until he kisses you and I lost it. I don't expect you to forgive me or understand. I just want you to try. You may not love me in the way that I want but, just know. I will love you until my heart stops beating." With that he gave me a kiss on the forehead and left his room. I stood there stunned and confused. After three minutes of silence, I left the room and went back to my own. I got ready and made my way to the school's tour bus. 


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