This story is about a popular girl named Meredith that thinks everything will be as easy for her as it has always been. But, what will happen when 5 guys move to her school. Will she fall in love with one of them, or will her emotions get the best of her leaving her forever alone. See what happens in the story Irresistible.


2. Music and lunch

        Harry and I walked side by side down the hall to music class. We sat beside each other and were having a great time. Then the music teacher walked in and announced that this week would be singing duets week. Yet again, I ended up with Harry and we watched as Liam and Julia preformed " My Life Would Suck Without You by: Kelly Clarkson".

        It as absolutely amazing but, Harry and I were up next. We were going to preform a song that Harry had made himself called Moments. The music started and it was my turn to sing first. I started to sing and suddenly my throat felt a little strained. Then Harry gently touched my arm and everything started to slip away and I relaxed into the song.

      Finally, it was Harry's turn to sing. " If we could only have this life for one more day, if we could only turn back time." At the instant I heard his voice I fell madly in love with it. It took me to another world and consumed me. We sang together for the chorus and everything sounded amazing. As soon as the song finished everyone in the room cheered and I jumped into Harry's arms in excitement.

     When the bell rang I turned to Harry and said. " Do your friends and you want to eat lunch with my friends and I."

     He smiled cheekily and replied with. " Sure, why not."

      I went to my locker to grab my lunch and headed to the caff where I found my  friends, the boys , and Eleanor sitting at the table. I instantly started saying "hi" to everyone and introducing myself. When suddenly my eyes were glued to the last guy. He had brown straight side swept hair, blue eyes, he was wearing a striped t-shirt with red suspenders and square shaped glasses. All of a sudden he reached down and took a big bite of his food. He held out his hand which I excepted shyly and said " Hi, my name is Louis. You must be Meredith." I smiled and nodded shyly.

       Then I went and slide myself between Anyssa and Danielle on the bench. I looked at Eleanor and said. " So, Eleanor. Are you going to try out for the Cheer squad, We could really use a new edition."

       She said. " Well I was thinking about it. Are you girls on the squad?"

       I said. " Danielle and I are the captains, and Kaelee and Anyssa are the Co-captains. Also, Jewelya just made the team last year, so I guess all of us are cheer leaders."

       Eleanor looked at me mysteriously and said. " So, when are try outs."

        I smiled and replied " Tonight right after school. "

        She pulled a half smirk and said " I'll be there."

         After that everything started to turn into a football conversation. I started. " So, are any of you boys brave enough to try out for the football team?" They all nodded their heads in a synchronized motion as if to say " yes". I said " Great, just try to stay away from Joseph, he's a real peace of work."

      Just as I said that Alexia Vanboxtal came up to me and dumped her crème soda all over my head. She started to giggle at me. " That is for talking about my boyfriend."

      I looked at her with word vomit about to escape my mouth and yelled. " I have every right to talk about your boyfriend considering he tried to rape me last year. Why are you still with that creep anyway? He cheats on you everyday in the bathroom with different girls and he got you pregnant. Why are you so pissed at me anyway? It's not like I got you kicked off the cheer squad for getting you pregnant did I." Alexia looked at me in shock and walked away with an uneasy, terrified look on her face.

    After she was out of sight, I ran to the bathroom to wash my hair out. As I was in there I heard the moans of Josephs next victim and the bell rang. So, I walked to class with wet hair and a frustrated, misunderstood attitude. I was frustrated because Joseph was my best friend in middle school until he started to turn into this, and because of him, the whole squad just stared to fall apart. I was also scared. I really didn't know what the boys were going to think of me now and I really hoped that Louis would understand. 

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