This story is about a popular girl named Meredith that thinks everything will be as easy for her as it has always been. But, what will happen when 5 guys move to her school. Will she fall in love with one of them, or will her emotions get the best of her leaving her forever alone. See what happens in the story Irresistible.


24. Life Isn't Fair

            " I'm never having kids." I said sadly while looking down at the ground. " I mean if there's a chance that I could lose it. Just no."

            Louis looked at me sadly. " We can't get all hung up over stuff that happened. I mean yes, it's sad that Dani lost the baby but, that doesn't mean we have to change or life because of it." He looked a bit annoyed. I knew it must have been frustrating for him, considering I will barely allow him to touch me since that baby died but, you can't just expect me to get over the fact that my best friend miscarried in a week.

             " Right now." I stated sighing loudly. " It's just not in my plans."

             " Not even in 7 years." He asked scrunching his nose at me.

             " Not even then. Unless I change my mind." I said as we walked into the caff at school.

             He smirked evilly at me. " I can always make you change your mind." He leaned in and kissed me passionately making my breathing hitch.

              " Um, well, that's just not fair now is it." I stated angrily while walking to the table where everyone else was sitting. I stuck my tongue out at him and flipped him off as he dragged his feet out of the caff.

              " So, what's up?" Dani said cheerfully towards me as if nothing has even happened.

              " Um, nothing much." I said shocked by her calmness. " Um, how are you feeling?" I asked awkwardly.

             " I'm better. I just know life happens and my hormone levels have dropped down so I'm not a crazy psycho mess anymore." She stated laughing a bit which caused me to smile.

             " Tell me about it." Liam said sitting beside her and kissing her cheek. " Oh, and Mara, remind me to wear a condom next time." Dani and Liam laughed as they started to make out at the table.

             " So, you guys are fine with everything then?" I asked completely flustered.

             " Yes." Dani said. " Life isn't fair sometimes but, that doesn't mean that you stop living." Her optimism was so inspiring. I looked around for Louis because I owed him an apology.

             " Thanks Dani." I said going to the other side and giving her a hug.

             " For what?" She asked puzzled.

             " For showing me not to hold onto the past. I'll be back I have to talk to Louis." I said running towards the doors to the caff. I ran until I found Lou looking for books in the library. " I'm sorry." I whispered turning him around and pulling his face down to meet mine. Our lips started to move in sync as he slip his tongue into my mouth. He led me backwards until my back hit the bookcase with a thud causing me to moan a bit. I tangled my hands in his hair as I kissed him harshly. By the time we pulled away we were both gasping for air.

             " Wow." He said once enough air occupied his lungs to speak. " What was that for?"

             " You were right." I stated still winded. " I want kids, I want five, and I want all of them with you." I said looking into his eyes.

             He smirked at me kissing me quickly on the lips one last time before saying. " Apology is definitely excepted, and encouraged more often." I laughed lightly slapping his arm as we left the library together.


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