This story is about a popular girl named Meredith that thinks everything will be as easy for her as it has always been. But, what will happen when 5 guys move to her school. Will she fall in love with one of them, or will her emotions get the best of her leaving her forever alone. See what happens in the story Irresistible.


20. First Time ( mature content 16+)

            I sat down on the open sofa nearest the front window beside Anyssa, and Louis quickly followed after me sitting beside me and pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his chest and began watching Toy Story 3. 

         Half way through the movie I must've fallen asleep because when I woke up Louis and I were the only people left in the living room. I stretched my legs across the couch and set my head in his lap. I looked up into his greenish blue eyes and smiled widely at him. " What?" He asked smiling widely back down at me.

        " Oh nothing." I said. " I'm just wondering how I'm lucky enough to have such a wonderful boyfriend like you." I stated running my hand over the stubble on his cheek.

         His smile became wider and he said. " I'm the lucky one Love, not you."

        I sat up swiftly and put my legs on either side of his body. I cupped his face in my hands and looked deeply into his eyes. " I'm ready." I told him smiling sweetly.

       " What do you mean?" Louis asked confused.

       I just pulled his face close to mine and connected his lips to mine kissing him passionately. I slowly pulled away for a minute breathless saying. " I'm ready." He hesitated for a minute before reattaching his lips to mine. He picked me up slowly never breaking the kiss and headed towards the stairs at he end of the hall. He made his way to my bedroom door and opened it quickly closing it behind him with a big thud. He set me down gently on my bed.

       He broke the kiss for a second to look in my eyes. His eyes were full of want and need yet he said. " Are you sure? We don't have to." 

       " I'm positive." I told him and reached for the bottom of his shirt pulling it over his head. He did the same to me and in no time we were both naked.

       " Condoms?" He asked. I pointed towards the top drawer of my night stand. He grabbed one ripping the foil and slowly rolling it up his massive length. He then kissed my lips sweetly and slowly eased himself into me. It was extremely painful at first so I let out a little whimper. He just kissed my lips softly and looked deeply into my eyes. After awhile the pain turned into pleasure and I started to moan uncontrollably.

      " Lou, I think I'm gonna cu-cum." I said as I felt my insides begin to tighten around him.

     " Me to Love." He said as his thrusts began to get sloppy and we release at the same time. Louis collapsed on top of me and slowly rolled off to my side. " I love you." He whispered into my hair.

      " I love you too." I said smiling to myself. He pulled me close to him and held me tight. " Never let me go." I said.

     " I won't, I promise." He replied dowsing off to sleep as I did the same.  

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