Bad Bitch! Justin Bieber Gangster Love Fan Fiction

Joining the most wanted gang "Real Live Bitches", Doesn't not make me a bad bitch. What makes me a bitch is seeing the person I love since i was in diaper, who i thought was everything to me, but later on fucking don't even remember my name.
Justin Bieber,Yeah, y'all know him right, Well he better watch out cuz his crazy ass FAME is about to end. I don't hate him, its just...Actually no, fuck you Justin!.


2. Chapter 2

Walking in the dark was not something new to me. After running into fucking whatever his name is just made me nervous. Not the fact that I’m scared of him, hell no, that’s not even the case. The anger that builds inside me is what makes me nervous.
This motherfucker left me hard broking
I swear if I see his face again I’m just end his life.
I stopped at the stoplights waiting for the walk sign to appear. A car pulled up next to me and stopped as the light turned red. Looking over toward the car, I was given death eyes that cause me to quickly turn back.
The last thing I want is picking up a fight with crazy bitches.
 I made it a mile away from the nightclub surrounded with nothing but streets lights. Looking over my shoulder I notices a car following me. Being in a gang full of bad bitches has taught me never to run away from danger.
I swallow in my breath and stopped walking. The car pulled over and parked in front of me. I lean on one side with one hand on my hips, showing no sign in fear.
The doors swing open letting out five girls.  The girl that came out of the driver seat began walking toward me as the four other follow behind her. Finally getting a good view of them my heart began beating faster
" Damn Nicki what took you so long to stop." The most annoying voice a girl could ever have spoke up
"What you want Jade." I muttered rolling my eyes at her
She holds up her hand stopping the other four girls as she continues walking toward me.
"Nothing much bitch." She stopped in front of me and smirked " Stay the fuck away from my man!" She threw a punch that ended up hitting my eye, it all happened so quickly; I didn’t   even see it coming. I manage to stay in bounce, but was tackle down the minute I looked up. She began throwing punch at me, as I try to block them. Seeing an open shot I grabbed on to her hair pulling it as hard as I can. She moans in pain giving me the opportunity to take over. The situation quickly changed as I was now lying on top of her.
These bitches ask for it.
Her long ass fingernails found its way up my face, scratching me across the face. I swung a fist hitting her nose causing blood to come out.
" You Bitch!" She screamed pulling my hair
" Ahhhh," I felt a sharp pain on the side of my hips. I let go of her hair, falling on the ground seeing blood all over me
The other four girls made a circle around me. One of them had a knife cover in blood
This bitch just stabbed me
Two girls headed over to Jade helping her up " I'm Fine." She sniffed holding on to her bloody nose
"Hand me the fucking gun!" She demanded as one of the blonde girl rushed toward the car.
I tried to stand up, but was in so much pain to do so. I stay seat doing my best to cover the wounded spot with my hands.
Jade walked over to me and slapped me across the face. The pain ran across my face, hitting it up on fire, but keep my face strong showing her I ain't hurt.
" You think you can broke my nose bitch!"She broke into laughter as if somebody said something funny.
"You dance with my." She began counting her finger "You mess with my hair and you broke my nose."  Leaning closer she whispered "Now its time to die."
I groaned in pain, not showing her any sign of fear.
She backs away with a giant smile on her face. The blonde girl came back with a gun and handed it to her. She pointed it straight at me giving me a cold glare. I stared back at her with no fear whatsoever. She can go ahead and kill me, but she knows my crowd is differently coming after her.
I moved my hands aside, giving her a full view of my heart " Go ahead."
" I will bitch," she grinned  "Say hello to saint for me,"
"Jade!" Her girls called out
"What?” She bit her lips
Bright car lights were coming toward us.
"This ain't over yet bitch." she took the gun down, punched my nose as blood ran down my jaw. I could no longer considerate, Tears were about to come out, but I hold them back staring at her in anger
"Just want to make it even," she chuckled
" You lucky just cause you got your hoes with you.” The four girl laughed rolling their eyes at me "I would have broke you into pieces,"
She place her middle finger on my lips" Shhh…You're in too much pain," I was once again slapped across the face "Bitch!," her spirit landed on my face causing me look away
Before she could do anything else she was pulled away from me as they all rushed toward the car and took off in speed.
This Bitch is going to die if I get up from here
The car with bright lights finally stopped two foot away from me. I couldn't tell who was walking over to me, but I know somebody was coming
I try getting up, but ended up back on the ground. My whole fucking body is hurt
Jade is going to pay for this. She is going to wish she could have shot me when she had the chance.
I look down at my hips and saw a wide enough cut letting out plenty of blood
" Nicki?" An unknown voice calls out
I look up and saw fucking Justin standing in front of me in shock with his eyes wide open. "Nicki who did this?"  Sounding concern as if it’s his business He bend down putting his hand on my shoulder
"Don't fucking touch me!" I snapped in anger removing his hand.
He step back completely confused " What happened to you?"
"None of your business. Leave me the fuck alone."
He lick his bottom lip forming a smile" I miss you,"
I rolled my eyes avoiding eyes contact
"I say leave me the fuck alone." I muttered
"Are you aware of the situation you are in.”
"Leave me alone,”
He shook his head walking closer to me
" Not really,"
Taking off his t-shirt he bent on his knees wrapping his shirt around my hips.
This nigga just don't get it
I slap him across the face leaving blood on his cheek. Looking back at me he bit his cheek outlining his jaw line" What's the fuck is wrong with you!"
"I don't need your help!"
I slowly got up and made it, but had hard time staying in bounce.  He stood up and watched as I took a step forward, unlikely lost my bounce. His arms wrapping around my waist held me back.
" Let go!"
" You will fall,"
" You need to let go before I hurt you."
He small laugh" What is this, your threatening me just because I want to take you to the hospital."
" I don't fucking wanna go to the hospital!"
"Fine!" He let go of my waist becoming frustrated " I will call the ambulance." reaching into his pocket he pulled out his cell phone
"Take me around the corner." I murmured
He started at me before putting his phone away and places his hands back on my waist.
"Take your fucking hands off my waist!"
" Damn since when did you become bipolar?" I shot him an evil glare
" Okay,” he took his hand away." how the hell are you going to walk?”
I ignored all the pain that I had and slowly take a step" I better not fall,"
" Okay," he rolled his eye
" Don’t fucking do that."
" Do what?"
I ignored him and slowly took another step
I had no choice but to let him take me. It was either kill myself by having all the blood out of me or let this good for nothing "child best friend” take me home


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