Bad Bitch! Justin Bieber Gangster Love Fan Fiction

Joining the most wanted gang "Real Live Bitches", Doesn't not make me a bad bitch. What makes me a bitch is seeing the person I love since i was in diaper, who i thought was everything to me, but later on fucking don't even remember my name.
Justin Bieber,Yeah, y'all know him right, Well he better watch out cuz his crazy ass FAME is about to end. I don't hate him, its just...Actually no, fuck you Justin!.


1. Chapter 1

The place was filled with colorful lights balancing back and forth. Filled with great music where the Dj jams to every song. I couldn't care less,I want to start all over and forget about my ugly past. swinging my hips to the beat of the music,grinding on the unknown guy behind,whom carefully held on to my waist controlling every move I made. my vision was no longer in use. After drowning myself with 5 bottles of alcohol ,I could no longer see clearly or even think straight.No wonder why I couldn't tell who's behind me. He dance so damn well moving his hands all over me,exploring my golden curvy body. He took a hand full of my hair and tuck it behind my ear. "Your one hot chika mommy." He sounded very sexy with an accent that makes a girl melt in flames.Turning around I felt his hands on my waist pulling me closer to him.standing face to face, I bit my lips with a smile letting him know I'm all his tonight. "Please everyone help me welcome a special guest tonight," The Dj voice rang through the loudspeaker causing everyone to stop dancing. The unknown guy in front of me removed his hands from my waist,turning me around with him to face the Dj. Music was shut down as everyone waited to see who the "Special" guest could be coming in at 3 in the morning. " Y'all welcome my man Justin Bieber!" The room that was once silent filled with cheers ringing into my ear as I stood still unable to recognize the name that was being said. A big strong  black guy walked in wearing all black,pushing girls who had the main entrance all block up to move aside. Lost in thoughts to what's going on,I moved a little closer trying to see. A young man with several tattoos on his arms walked in,wearing a red t-shirt,black skinny jeans hanging behind his ass with a Miami Heat snap back. Everyone on the dance floor wanted to get a glance of him. Walking toward my direction as bitches gone wild not giving him any room. I'm assuming his some sort of celebrity. Without the help of his pal,this nigga could be pin down by these crazy bitches. Music was place back in the air trying to get people on the dance floor. I was pulled back by the guy behind me dancing gently trying to get me back on the dance floor. With my eyes still on the guy that just walked in,I continue dancing. Eventually he made his way towards the side I was on . I slow down on my dancing capturing everything single part of his face.

"Come on guys lets all make room for Justin Bieber." The Dj politely commanded.

Justin Bieber?

I have heard that name before. His pal guard him toward me giving me a full view of the guy in front of him. It didn't take me a minute to finally put the puzzle together.Flashing his face back into my memories. "I gotta go," I turned to leave,founding myself in the worst situation. Staring down at the hard floor ,noticing I have just bumped into somebody " You Okay?" the soft sound of his voice just as I remembered it brought me up to look at him. The moment our eyes met, chills spread all over my body. A warm smile ran across his face placing his hand on my shoulder " My bad I should have watched where I was going." The noises around us got louder as I stared at him with no answer in return. Slowly his smile began to fade away. Squeezing is eyes together as if to get a closer look. He reached  out his hand placing it on my cheek "Nicki?" He whispered in surprises. For a moment  I felt dead like a frozen snowman, unable to talk or move, giving him the blank face.

"Nicole," he repeated breathy, I quickly looked away pushing myself toward the crowd "Nicki!" I heard his voice called from Behind. The loud music and screaming girls surrounded me, Ignoring him I ran out of the door not letting a single tear escape from my eye. because bad bitches don't cry!

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