The 100

Inspired by the story of the 100, a poem to sum it up.


1. the 100


A hundred of us fell down from the sky
we were rejected by the community
we once were a part of
and labeled criminals
for our smallest mistakes
we lived locked up in solitude for far too long
and someone had an idea to make us guinea pigs
to check if after 97 years of us living in space
Earth is survivable again

so they sent us to the ground
but a place we used to dream of going to
turned out not as idyllic to be living in
radiation-soaked forest
mutated animals
and the grounders
are only some of the complications we have to face everyday

the Earth though dangerous 
may be our rescue
because the thing is
we won't just settle for survival
we want freedom as well
and we'll do whatever necessary
to achive our aim
but there are always the ones who will go too far
whose actions will cost a couple hundred lives
and it seems like Bellamy might be getting out of hand
forcing everyone to pretend they are dead
for the arc to stay away 

but now the arc is dying
and the people who got rid of us
are passing other sentences
like the one to suffocate 320 innocent lives
to save air for themselves

here we can be the individuals 
we don't need to fall in line
we can choose our own fate
and make up the rules
that suit us best
as we go along

the worst part is
we're not alone
in this madness at all
the grounders are watching our every step
and we are yet to find out what will resolve from it
they've already hit Jasper with a spear
and killed a bunch of us
without a glitch
kidnaped Octavia 
and stabed Finn with poisoned knife
we don't know what else
shall we expect from them
but we won't just sit around and wait
we'll find a way to eradicate the threat

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