The Only Reason

I was lying. There's actually one person in my life that gets me. One person that never jumps to judge me. He's the only person I can talk to. But the thing is, I don't even know his real name.

I call him Thomas. I met him on one of those chat roulette things and we started talking. At first it was that awkward getting to know each other phase but now we can talk about anything, sorta. He's the only person I can trust.


6. chapter 6

Calum's POV

Today's the big football match against our rival team, The Eagles. I've been trying to focus but lately it's been difficult. I haven't felt like this before. Now that I'm dating Mary, all I can think about is her. She really makes me happy and I don't want to mess us up.

Football has always been something I wanted to do with my life. Maybe make it professionally but I secretly have another passion. I've always dreamed about being a bassist but I never gave it a proper thought until Mary asked me about it.

I know that Luke and Michael are really into music and want to make a band and I've always wanted to tell them that I'm interested but I feel like they'll think I'm joking.

"Maybe I should just focus on football and forget about music." I mutter. I close my locker and look towards the front door to see Mary walking in. I can't help but stare. Why haven't I noticed her beauty before? The way her thick honey-blonde hair is perfectly wavy behind her. Her soft naturally tan skin shines in the sun. She's absolutely stunning and I can't believe I hadn't notice before.

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket so I pull it out. It's a message from her.

You're staring...don't make it too obvious :P

I chuckle at her message and send her one back.

I can't help myself. You're so beautiful ;)

I look towards Mary to see that's she's blushing. I'm about to text her again but someone interrupts me.

"Hey Cal, ready for the big game tonight?" I take my eyes away from the phone screen to meet Victoria's. She's the head cheerleader. The type of girl I would've gone for before Mary. She's always had a thing for me but she has also dated Ashton and it killed him when she broke up with him. I could never hurt one of my best mates over a girl like her.

"Ya, it's gonna be great." I tell her. I'm not really too focused on the conversation because my eyes are locked on Mary. She's staring back at me and Victoria with sad eyes right up until Mikey comes over to talk to her.

Was she jealous of Victoria talking to me? She looked upset but now she's talking to Michael and she looks happy, like nothing was bothering her just a minute ago.

"Calum, did you hear what I said?" Victoria says while snapping her long manicured fingers nails at me. When I looks back to Mary she's still talking to Michael but I notice her glancing at Victoria.

"No, what'd you say?" I lean against the locker and stare at her. I just notice that her two best friends are standing behind her like her pets. I find it odd that people do that.

"As I was saying before, after the big game, I'm throwing a party at my place. Invite as many people as you want. And don't forget the alcohol."

She walks off with her friends after flipping her ponytail in my face. I look back at Mary to see that she's not there anymore. I quickly slam my locker and head to class. I have English first and literally everyone that I know is in that class, including Mary.

When I step into the class she's all I see. She sits in the back like normal, but this time Michael, Ashton and Luke are sitting with her. Our eyes connect and she quickly looks away.

I take the seat behind her and pull my phone out.

Are you mad at me?

A minute or so later I get a message back.

Not mad, but hurt.

I reread the message as I slowly sink into my chair. I was right about her getting jealous. Now I obviously need to avoid Victoria.

Halfway through the class I text Mary telling her to meet me in front of the janitors closest. I can't think of any other place so I get up and head there waiting for her.

5 minutes go by and finally Mary appears. She raises a brow at me and I can't but smile at her expression.

Without hesitation, I pull her into the closest and close the door behind us.

"What do you need Calum?" She asks.

"I wanted to speak to you. Hear your voice. I miss you." I explain.

She crosses her arms over her chest and stares up at me. "We hung out yesterday and we text all the time." She tells me.

"But that's not the same as really talking to you. Holding you, kissing you. It's different."

"Calum, I miss you too, but in all seriousness, we aren't in a public relationship. As much as I want to hold you and kiss you we have a limit on it. Behind closed doors remember?"

I'm starting to rethink this whole "behind closed doors" situation. I don't like it at all.

"I'm sorry. For everything. And if talking to Victoria hurts you then I'll leave her alone. Just so you know, nothing has ever happened between me and Victoria. It's always been you since we started talking."

"Victoria and I." She corrects me. I roll my eyes and we both laugh. I can tell that Mary excepts my apology. I'm glad that we're okay.

"What was she talking to you about anyways?"

"She's throwing a party after the game. You should come." I grin.

"Me? At a party?" She laughs.

I shrug, "why not? You're pretty good at dancing. Remember the dance?" I raise an eyebrow in response.

"Yes, but that was a one time thing. I only did it to prove something."

"Prove what?"

"Prove that it was you." Mary reaches forward and laces our fingers together. "I just knew after a while that it was you."

"Well I'm happy that you did it. If you change your mind I'll tell you the address."

"Okay. Thanks for being so honest with me Calum. I really appreciate it." She tells me before stepping on her toes and giving me a sweet kiss. I feel her small hand cup my cheek so I lean against it.

"Wow, what was that for?" I say breathlessly after I pull away. She squeezes my hand. "Because I missed you."


Mary's POV

I decided to stick around after school in the library before the soccer game to work on school work. I've already manage to finish half my homework when Michael arrives. He asked me this morning if we could sit together for the game and I said sure.

"Hey, what're you up to?" Michael takes a seat beside me and takes the assignment from me.

"Hey, I was working on that!" I say trying to grab it back.

"Here, I didn't understand it anyways." Michael jokes.

"You know, you're actually quite smart Michael. Don't let other peoples opinions be yours. I really think you got a decent brain under all that coloured hair."

"Thanks Mary. That's really sweet of you."

20 minutes later we head outside for the game. The bleachers are already pretty full but we manage to find an empty area.

Once the game starts the crowd is cheering and going wild. My eyes find Calum and he has the ball as he races down the field. He passes the ball to Ashton and it's back to him as he kicks it hard into the net.

The crowd erupts in cheers from the goal. I clap and grin wide at my boyfriend. He sees me and waves.

The game is over and we win. Everyone is pumped and is still cheers for the players.

Once everything dies down and everyone eventually leaves the field I walk over to Calum and give him a tight hug from behind.

"Congrats babe. You did great." I kiss his cheek and Calum hugs my side.

"Thanks Mary. That means a lot that you came."

"It was actually fun. I sat with Michael so he helped me understand what was going on." I tell him.

"So, have you changed your mind about the party?"

"Ya. I'll come. I'm just going to go home and change my outfit."

"Do you want a ride there?" Calum wraps his arm over my shoulder as we walk over to my car.

"Sure, but you can go into the party first and I'll find you."

"Okay. Sounds good to me. See you in an hour." Calum kisses me before opening my car door.


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