The Only Reason

I was lying. There's actually one person in my life that gets me. One person that never jumps to judge me. He's the only person I can talk to. But the thing is, I don't even know his real name.

I call him Thomas. I met him on one of those chat roulette things and we started talking. At first it was that awkward getting to know each other phase but now we can talk about anything, sorta. He's the only person I can trust.


1. chapter 1


It felt like any other day. Mary was lying on her bed staring up at the ceiling dreading as the minutes past. Soon Mary' father would wake up and when her father wakes up he'll be in his usually grumpy hungover mood.

She could just stay in bed and ignore him as he would pound on her door relentlessly yelling for Mary to get out of the room or else. She could, but the consequences afterwards wouldn't be worth it. It wouldn't make sense for Mary to get into more trouble.

Trouble. That word haunts her. Everyday trouble is all she causes. She didn't know why, but she was always a troublemaker. Without even trying, Mary noticed that trouble always seemed to be right behind her. Every single thing she did made someone mad.Mary tried to close her eyes but heard a loud bang coming from downstairs making her shot out of her bed. Someone was downstairs. Obviously it was her dad but he would've come to her room first. Something was wrong.

Without thinking, Mary decided to push her nerves down and head to the kitchen to see what was going on. She wasn't sure what she'd see. Deep down she knew she was never prepared for it either.

Mary covered her mouth the best she could with her hand so her screams were muffled. They both looked at her in shock but Mary didn't care if they saw tears streaming down her face. She bolted up the stairs and slammed her door shut.

She started grabbing her stuff for school and pulled the window open. There was no way in hell that Mary was about to use the front door.

Mary pulled her small body out of the window and climbed onto the tree branch right beside her window.

After a few seconds she was on the ground walking. She took her bike from the shed and headed off towards school.

Mary hated being at home. Seeing her father everyday, the way he acts. The things he does. How can you not hate that?

Mary made it to the school and locked her bike on the bike racks and climbed the stairs into the building. The hallways were quite eerie since no one was around so lucky she could get to her lockers without anyone bothering her

The door to Mary' locker opened with ease as she shoved the books in that she didn't need into it and took some out for class. As she slammed the door shut, Mary heard loud voices coming from the other hallway. She recognized some of them and suddenly she froze.

Today's Monday. The jocks have practice every Monday morning. How could she forget?

Soon the voices got louder and the boys that Mary hated the most appeared from the corner. She kept her head down trying to not grab their attention but obviously it didn't work when he called her.

"Look what we have here. Isn't it a bit to early for you to be around here Mary?" Mary' eyes locked with Calum's as he walked closer to her. His friends laughed at his taunting words.

She tried not to roll my eyes. Today was not the day for Calum to tease her. Usually Mary would take his abuse and ignore it but today felt different. Today she felt weaker than usual.

"Just leave me alone." Mary sighed out. Calum raised a brow. "Leave you alone? Did your Daddy hurt you? Did he hit you again?" He laughed.

He wasn't making this any easier. Bringing up her home life wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that Mary thought she could trust him and tell him everything. Now he was using it against her.

"Shut up. Don't talk about my father. It's none of your business." She spat.

Calum's eyes darkened as he stared down at her. He took a few steps towards her before dumping something over her head. It was the contents of his water bottle.

Mary stood soaked as Calum and his friends laughed in her face. Calum had a large smirk on his lips probably thinking this was another victory. He thinks he beat her. Broke her. Maybe, but she wasn't sure.

"Let's get out of here."

Once Mary knew they had all left she ran as fast as she could to the girls washroom. Tears were streaming down her face at a rapid pace. She couldn't control them. She couldn't stop them.

Mary looked at herself in the mirror as she tried to dry herself off with paper towel. Everyone hated her. She was a useless girl with a drunk father and kids at school bully her constantly.

It's like she would never get a break. Why is she always the one to go through all this crap?

Mary knew that she was gonna be late for first period. She didn't mind though. Slowly she was starting to care very little about her education recently. There's no point in school when all that happens around here is drama.

Mary finally got to class and took a seat in the back. Unfortunately she was sitting right in front of Calum and his annoying friends.

"Hey Mary." Calum said while turning around to face her. She tried her best to ignore him but he was right in her face.

"Please leave me alone." Mary mumbled quietly. She was done arguing. She was done fighting. She just wanted to go home. No one understood.

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