Between love and hate

This fanfiction is about Cameron Dallas. <3

It's the end of the school year and everyone is ready for summer. When Emily Foster, the school's goody toe shoe is ready for summer. She has straight A's, she's the Captain of the volleyball team, and president of student council. Everything is perfet for her expect a guy who's been in her classes since the third grade.
Cameron Dallas is a guy every girl drools for in school but Emily hates him with a passion. Everything gets worst when their science teacher assigns them as partners for the end of the year project. Will a project bring them closer together?


2. Chapter Two

Cameron's POV


Wow. I didn't know she had the balls to do that. Her reaction took me by surprise and everyone felt the same way. "YOU TWO. OFFICE NOW!" Emily scurried out of the room. I followed behind her.

When we got there, the assistant principal already knew we were coming down so he let us in the office and we both sat down.

Emily's POV


I can't believe I let him get me to that point. Wow I feel stupid.

"I bet this is the first time you have been to the office for something other than a award." I looked over at him. He smiled and i flicked him off. He pretend to fake cry and I shook my head.

After the meeting with the principal, we got an Out of School Suspension.

I started to walk to my car and hear, "Hey Princess.." I looked up at him. "Don't you ever call me that again." - "Okay, Princess." I rolled my eyes and walked into my car. "I think we should work on the project at my house." He leaned against my car, trying to be cool. "Number one, we don't have the instructions dumbass and number two, no! I will not work on the project at your house." I close my door. He leans into the window. "Well I know you don't want your mom to find out that you have an OSS." Shit. He's right. I closed my eyes and sighed. "What's your adress?"


Cameron's POV


I walked into my house and Emily followed, "Wow! Thos place is bigger than I remembered." I chucked and threw my stuff on the couch. "Really?" She smiled. "Yeah...-" "Okay, I'm going to change. Do you want anything?" - "Umm... Where's the bathroom again?" I pointed in the direction of the bathroom. "Upstairs, first door on the right." She smiles. "Thanks."

She heads up stairs to the bathroom and I go upstairs to get changed. I took off my jeans and changed into some sweats. I took off my shirt and started searching for my sweat shirt.

Then i hear a knock. I run to my door and Emily is standing in front of me. "Hey where are the...." She started staring at something. I was confused and looked down also, then I realized that she was staring at my body. I smirked. "Where are the what?" She looked up and kinda shook her head. "Umm.... Never mind." She smiled nervously and ran downstairs. I chuckled and changed into my clothes.


Emily's POV


Whoa! I ran downstairs.

Is it hot in here or is it me? i braided my hair and tied it into a bun.

His body was just... amazing. Shut up, Emily. Snap out of it.

After fighting with my thoughts, I remembered that we didn't have the instructions for the project so, I texted Vanessa and asked her about it. She said it's a project about cells and you have to make it edible. Good thing I can cook.

Cameron comes downstairs with a smirk on his face. I am so embarrassed. I told him what the project was about and we started on it. 




Cameron's POV


I walked into school looking for Em. I wanted to know if she would come to my house tonight to work on the project. We have been working on the design for our project for about two weeks now. Also, we are starting to become friends.

I look for her and see she's at her locker getting books for her classes.

"Good morning, Mrs. Foster." She closes her locker door and smiled with her famous smile. "Good morning, Mr. Dallas. How are you?"

We started to slowly walk down the hall way. "I'm fine. I was just wondering if you wanted to work on the project tonight at my house. We can actually bake it tonight for it to be ready in two days."

She stops and looks at me. "Sounds great!" I smile. "See you then?" - "Yeah. Bye!" She walks off.

There's something different about her and i don't know what.

I shook off the thought and headed into class.

I spent the whole day thinking about Emily coming over to my house. Everything has to be perfect. What am I thinking? I am thinking to hard about this.

The doorbell rang. I open the door and it was Emily. "Hi." - "Hi. Come in." I step to the side to let her in. "Well let's get started." She says.

She walks into my kitchen, grabs a couple pots and pans and puts them on the islands. Then she looks at all the ingredients and starts preparing the cake for the oven. "Umm. I could use a little help." - "Oh. Sorry." I washed my hands and stood by her side. "Now what do you want me to do?" - "I want you to take all the flour and dump it in to that bowl." Well that should be easy. I open the bag and tilt it over but instead of being in the bowl, it went everywhere else. Emily burst out in laughter. I couldn't help but laugh too. Then she throws a little flour on me. I gasped like it hurt me. She giggled a little. Then i threw some on her. "Oh! This is war!" She gets an egg and cracks it over my head. "Opps!" We throw flour all over the place.

I picked Emily up over my shoulder and ran around the kitchen. "Put me down! Put me down!" She hollered. We laughed and laughed then I slipped on egg yolk and we went down to the ground. I fell and she fell on top of me. We laughed for a little bit and then she stopped and just looked at me. I moved her light brown hair out of her face and stared into her dark brown eyes. 



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