Between love and hate

This fanfiction is about Cameron Dallas. <3

It's the end of the school year and everyone is ready for summer. When Emily Foster, the school's goody toe shoe is ready for summer. She has straight A's, she's the Captain of the volleyball team, and president of student council. Everything is perfet for her expect a guy who's been in her classes since the third grade.
Cameron Dallas is a guy every girl drools for in school but Emily hates him with a passion. Everything gets worst when their science teacher assigns them as partners for the end of the year project. Will a project bring them closer together?


3. Chapter Three

Emily's POV

Cam was running around the kitchen like a maniac and then slipped and fell. I landend on him and we both couldn't stop laughing. Then i looked into his beautiful brown eyes. Slowly, I felt myself closing my eyes and leaning in. Our lips barely touched and then we hear someone at the door. "Cameron! I'm home!" I jumped up quicly and helped Cameron up. She walks in and her happy, cheerful face turns into anger and frustration. "CAMERON ALEXANDER DALLAS!!!!! YOU CLEAN THIS MESS UP!" I looked at him and he looked at me. "NOW!" We scurried to every cleaning or brightening thing we could find. "Cam, I have yo use the restroom." - "Okay." 

I run upstairs to the bathroom.

When I come downstairs I hear Cameron talking to someone. "Look okay. She is nothing. Emily is nothing. She's a zero. She is a stupid partner for a stupid project and that's all!" My heart was instantly broken. That's when I realized I started to fall in love with the enemy.

Cameron's POV

When Emily goes upstairs, my phone rings. It's Nash. "Hey, how is the project with Vanessa going?" - "Dude, it's great- She is so perfect. I might even ask her out." I nod my head. "Good for you!" - "Yeah. So how is the project with the little devil going?" I got kind of mad that he said that. "Don't call her that!" - "Whoa! You used to call her that behind and in front of her back. Does little Cameron have a thing for the girl he hates?" - "Nash, look okay. She is nothing. Emily is nothing. She's a zero. She is just a stupid partner for a stupid project!" Then i heard her at the kitchen entrance. She had tears running down her face. I hung up the phone with Nash. "Em, how much did you hear?" She sniffles. "I heard enough."

I walk towards her and she backs up.

She grabs her stuff and she is out the door gone.

God I'm so stupid and I don't know how to bake a cake!


This chapter was short, more are coming soon.


Love yaaaaaa.

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