Between love and hate

This fanfiction is about Cameron Dallas. <3

It's the end of the school year and everyone is ready for summer. When Emily Foster, the school's goody toe shoe is ready for summer. She has straight A's, she's the Captain of the volleyball team, and president of student council. Everything is perfet for her expect a guy who's been in her classes since the third grade.
Cameron Dallas is a guy every girl drools for in school but Emily hates him with a passion. Everything gets worst when their science teacher assigns them as partners for the end of the year project. Will a project bring them closer together?


4. Chapter Four

Emily's POV

I ran out of Camerons house before he could say anything else.

I get into my car and drive home. I can't believe I am crying over this guy! I am crying so much that I can't see where I am going.

I pull over to the side and put my head on the wheel. I sat there for a couple minutes until I was able to see the road clearly.

I drove home and sat on my couch. Then i dozed off.

Cameron's POV

After cleaning the kitchen, my mom comes downstairs. "Where's Emily?" I look up. "She left." I flopped down on the couch. "Why did she leave? I thought you two were making a cake." She sat down next to me. "She heard my conversation with Nash and left." She raised her eyebrow. "Well what did you say?" I told her about the talk with Nash. "Oh, so you like her?" - "What?!?!? No. I don't like her. I mean she's cute... But i don't." She raised her eyebrow again. "Okay, yes mom I like her a lot and now she's gone." - "Look Cameron, I don't care how everything will end. All I know is that things need to get cleared up and that project has to be finished. Understand?" I nodded my head. "Okay." She stood up. "Don't worry. Things will get better." She walked back upstairs. That's when I got an idea.

Emily's POV

I woke up to the sound of my doorbell ringing. I yawn and get up to open the door. Cameron is standing in front of me. I look at him and try to close the door, but he stopped it with his foot. I looked up at him. "Please, Em. Let me explain. I open up the door and he comes in. "You have 30 seconds." I stood with my arm crossed. "Em..." - 25." He sighed. "Really Em?" - "What do you want?" - "I want to talk about what happened in the kitchen." I shookmy head and looked at the floor. "Well, I heard enough. I get it. You don't like me. I don't like you. We're just partners to the end of this week" I see his eye change and his face made a softer expression. "Nash made me mad! I didn't know what I was saying!! He knows how to make me frustrated!" I roll my eyes. "Sure. Now I bet you want me to jump into your arms and everything will be perfect right? You can't get everything you want." - "What does this have to do with me getting everything I want? As a matter of fact, I don't het everything I want." I scoffed. "Oh really? Like what?" He looked me in the eyes. "You, Em." I was shocked.

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