Between love and hate

This fanfiction is about Cameron Dallas. <3

It's the end of the school year and everyone is ready for summer. When Emily Foster, the school's goody toe shoe is ready for summer. She has straight A's, she's the Captain of the volleyball team, and president of student council. Everything is perfet for her expect a guy who's been in her classes since the third grade.
Cameron Dallas is a guy every girl drools for in school but Emily hates him with a passion. Everything gets worst when their science teacher assigns them as partners for the end of the year project. Will a project bring them closer together?


1. Chapter One

Emily's POV


I woke up to the bright sun in my face. I checked my phone. 7.15. Got to be at school at 8.

I got up, took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and walked to my closet to see what i can wear. You know what? School's almost over. I don't care about dress code anymore. I reach over and put on my white crop top and my pale pink shorts. I slipped on my white Converse then ran downstairs.

"Good morning, Em" My mom said happily. "Morning." I grab an apple and kiss her on the cheek. "Bye mama. Got to go!" I leave for school in my red Mustang.

When i pull up to school, I automatically see my best friend, Vanessa. I've know Vanessa since i moved to California in the third grade. We've been best friends since. I parked my car and walked in to the school and feel someone jump on my back. "Hey!!!" It was Vanessa. "Hey!" I hug her and we walk to my locker. "I can't believe that school is almost over!" - "I can't believe i passed the 1st grade." I look over at her and laugh at her comment then bump into someone.


Cameron's POV


I walked into school and saw my friend, Nash. We have been cool since preschool. "Hey man!" - "What's up Nash?" I say. We do our little hand shake and walked down the hallway. "I can't wait for school to be over." Nash nodded in agreement. "This summer is going to be epic. It will be filled with parties, girls..." Then that's when someone ran into me. If it were any other girl, I would say excuse me or probably even flirted with her but this was Emily Foster. The girl I have hated since third grade, the year she moved here. She looked up at me, angered. "Watch where the hell you're going!" I looked down at her and smirked. "Make me." She reached for my neck but her friend pulled her away.

I loved making her mad. It was kinda cute. Nash stood back and laughed. I turned around and shook my head. "Dude, let's go to class."

We walked to our first period, Science with Mrs. Johnson.


Emily's POV


Ooooooo! I could just strangle him, but before I could, Vanessa pulled me into Science. We sat down in our seats and I slowly started to bang my head on the table. "Why do you let him get to you like that? You shouldn't try to fight with him. That's how he wins everytime." She's right. I stop banging my head on my desk and sit up. Class is about to start. I see that douche and his friend walk to their seats and i roll my eyes. "Good morning class!" - "Morning, Mrs. Johnson". We all say in unison. "Okay, today we will be talking about our end of the year project." The class moans and groans. "Help your neighbor get quiet."

Mrs. Johnson used to be a fourth grade teacher so she treats us like little kids. Finally the room gets quiet.

"So today, I will be picking your partners for this project. "I hate when she has to choose. She draws two names from her red cup. "Gail and Josh, Vanessa and Nash." I looked over at Vanessa she was excited that she gets to work with Nash. She has liked him for a very long time now.

Mrs. Johnson keeps calling names. Then i heard mine. "Emily and Cameron." My jaw dropped. I stood up quickly. "Mrs. Johnson there must be a mistake." Cameron stood up also. "Yeah, I can't work with this bitch." I gasped. The class oooooooed and laughed. I look over at him and he winks at me. That's it. That was the last straw. "Well I can't work with this immature piece of shit!" Everyone including Cameron and i were in shock.


I can't believe i said that.



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