Last Night~ For Megan & Kenzie ❤️

Hi I'm Megan, I'm 18 and you could say that I'm a wild child! ;)
I love music, so that's why I go to the park with my best friends and play my music really loud! But what happens when "intruders" come to OUR park?
*On behalf of my best friend Megan & Kenzie, love you loads!!!! :) xxxx (Megan chose characters Btw)*


1. Who are you?

Who are you?

Megan's P.O.V

"Were gonna be LATE!!" Kenzie screamed whilst me and Lauren were grabbing our bags,

"Shut the fuck up Kenz were coming! Jesus!" I yelled back. Hahaha LOL. Me and my 2 retarded bitches were going to our park.

We always have a laugh, on the way up to the park near our old secondary school we were laughing way too much as I just went beetroot red.

As we came closer to the park we heard boys voices,

"What the fucking hell are you fucktards doing here!?" Lauren asked as we approached the park swings where 3 dudes stood. Sorry if you don't understand this park we have ruled it since we were 3!!

"Sorry boys butttt your gonna have to go... Since we have been 'ere since we were little okay?" I explained as I parked myself on the swing. I casually looked up at this one boy and if I don't mind saying so myself, he was fit as fuck!!!!

"Oh! Well sorry girls... Do you mind if we stay here we won't get in your way?" The one with blonde hair and a lip ring in spoke up after a couple of seconds of silence.

"Yeah sure!" Kenzie smiled at him, I think she like him!

"COUGH Kenzie COUGH!!" I squeaked. She looked at me and mouthed 'what?' I beckoned her over with my finger.

"You like him..." This was no question, this was a fact. She shrugged and stiffed a smirk,

"Maybe... You like him who looks like Harry Styles though!" She whisper-yelled at me and sitting on the next swing. I smirked knowing full well I did. Lauren joined us after chatting up the other blonde dude with brown roots, and nudged me out of my trance to find the cute lad looking at me.

"How may I help you?" I asked as I stood up to face him,

"Well nice to see you too! I'm Brad, Brad Simpson..." I shook his hand and replied,

"I'm Megan, Megan Phillips..." I stared into his eyes as the love I had for him was eating me alive from the inside.

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