Last Night~ For Megan & Kenzie ❤️

Hi I'm Megan, I'm 18 and you could say that I'm a wild child! ;)
I love music, so that's why I go to the park with my best friends and play my music really loud! But what happens when "intruders" come to OUR park?
*On behalf of my best friend Megan & Kenzie, love you loads!!!! :) xxxx (Megan chose characters Btw)*


3. The park & shops.

The park & shops.

Lauren P.O.V

I sat on the swings as slowly swung back and fourth, and just let my mind wonder.

' Everyone is so happy... HAHA LOL!!!' I felt a light gentle tap on my shoulder and someone take the swing next to me.

"Hey lozz can you help me?" Brad asked shyly.

"Yeah! Sure... What with?" I asked facing him fully,

"Its about Megan... I really really-" I quickly cut him off.

"Love her? Yeah i think everyone can tell! Anyways a way to get to her is...." I carried on with what to do until he fully understood me.

"Okay... I'll do that... Thanks again lozz!" He smiled before embracing me into a friendly hug before leaving me alone again with my thoughts.

*45 minutes later*

I was slowly walking away from the park to the corner shop, where it looked like a big black bus had broke down... LOL!! I entered the shop and grabbed a 35p energy drink along with a twix. As I made my way up to pay, someone bumped into me full force making me fall to the floor.

"Whoa! Watch where our going mate! Jeez!" I sighed,

"I'm so sorry!" I looked at him, he was the dude that I was talking to in the park yesterday!!!!

"No. No, it's fine I should have been watching where I was going... But thank you Niall." I smiled,

"You remembered my name? Anyways better get going! See ya later Lauren I'll text ya soon okay..." He smiled and walked away.

HE'S SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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