Last Night~ For Megan & Kenzie ❤️

Hi I'm Megan, I'm 18 and you could say that I'm a wild child! ;)
I love music, so that's why I go to the park with my best friends and play my music really loud! But what happens when "intruders" come to OUR park?
*On behalf of my best friend Megan & Kenzie, love you loads!!!! :) xxxx (Megan chose characters Btw)*


4. Luke ❤️

A/N lol sorry Megs random P.O.V 4 Kenz ;D

Luke ❤️

Kenzie's P.O.V

All I could think of was the boy Luke I met yesterday... Why is he so fit?

"Kenzie!!! Come on! Were gonna be late... AGAIN!!" Lauren and Megan screamed 'again' in unison.

"Shut it! I'm coming... I'm coming!" Today was the first day back at college in which I hate!!! I don't understand why we have to go I mean come on... We're locked behind closed doors, we're behind the fence AND the teachers are complete ASSHOLES!!!

* end of college*

I swear to god! If I ever go back there I will die!! As me and the girls exited the building we saw 3 people waiting at the gates (we were the last ones out...). As we edged closer I saw Luke I suddenly felt so happy... I ran toward him and hugged him really tightly.

"Hey!" He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine,

"Hiya!" I whispered back. He looked into my eyes and I looked back into his, he slowly started to lean in. I smiled to myself and leaned in. As we kissed I felt fireworks exploding and it was all interrupted by Lauren and Megan. They both grabbed hold of me and dragged me away from him. He chucked and waved goodbye; I did the same.

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