Last Night~ For Megan & Kenzie ❤️

Hi I'm Megan, I'm 18 and you could say that I'm a wild child! ;)
I love music, so that's why I go to the park with my best friends and play my music really loud! But what happens when "intruders" come to OUR park?
*On behalf of my best friend Megan & Kenzie, love you loads!!!! :) xxxx (Megan chose characters Btw)*


2. I love you

I love you.

Brad's P.O.V

"Hey Brad are you okay?" Megan's raspy voice spilling through the speakers on my phone since it was 1:30 am.

"Hi Meg, I'm fine I just wanted to... Umm... Talk to you..." Obviously that wasn't the real reason but she agreed and we talked for a good 2 hours.

"Anyways Brad I'm so sorry I've got to go now! But... I'll talk to you soon okay?" She asked. I nodded in response but remembered she can't see me.

"Oh, yeah sure! See ya later then!" With that last word I hung up. I let my hands glide down my face and I threw my head back into my pillow and sighed deeply. How am I going to tell her? Am I just going to be like 'oh hey Megan, I'm really into you with you go out with me?' GOD!!!!!!!!

How should I do it? I know! I picked up my phone and rung Lauren.

"Hey Bradley! What can I do for you at this UNGODLY hour?" She chimed sleepily into the phone.

"Oh sorry! I didn't know it was 3 in the morning! Buttttttttt..... I need some help? Please?" I asked shyly. There was a long pause.

"Okay meet me at Ivanhoe Park in 5." She hung up. I threw on my cloths, slipped a red converse jacket on and my black Nike airs.

(A/N ya know what I mean Megs! Lol... Dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby sound!!)

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