Why can't I be like everyone else??


5. Tragedy

Chapter 4 Tragedy

Marissa stares at dad for a minute or two trying to figure out what happened.

Then when she figures it out she tries to carry her dad into the house but she could only carry him into the grass, he was too heavy.

Then she runs to the neighbors house to get help. “Help, help my dad he was getting a ball out of the street when a car came and hit him now he is lying in the grass outside of our house can you please help.”

Marissa’s neighbor Kylie ran to the nearest phone in her house and dialed 911.

“Marissa don’t worry and ambulance is coming to pick him up and bring him to the hospital”


Marissa is balling her eyes out as she looks at her dad through the window.

“Come on Marissa let’s go by your dad and wait for the ambulance to come.”


After about 10-15 minutes the ambulance finally got there and was lifting her dad up onto the gurney and then the lady who drove the ambulance told Marissa that she will call her house when she can come in and see him, or tell her if he is ok.

“Kylie do you mind if I can stay with you tonight?” “Sure, you can stay with me until your dad gets out of the hospital.”

“Thanks Kylie.”

She smiles at her and then brings her inside.

“Want to play a game?”


They played a game for around 20 minutes.

When they were done the phone rang it was the hospital.

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