Why can't I be like everyone else??


6. News


“Hi, is this Kylie?”

“Yes it is.”

“Ok we have some news about your neighbor.”

“Oh great is he ok?”

“Um, well I’m afraid he has slipped into a coma and he hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Oh, would you like us to come visit him?”

“If you would like, but I don’t think he is going to make it much longer.”  

Marissa looks over at Kylie when she is talking on the phone and sees her sad face.

She gets worried.

She hangs up the phone and comes over to talk to Marissa.

“Well, Marissa that was the hospital. They said that we could come and visit whenever we wanted to but the way it sounds is that he doesn’t have much longer to live.”

Marissa stares and her and looks like she is about to ball her eyes out.  

“Marissa would you like to go visit your dad?”


A tear runs down her face.

About 10 minutes later they get to the hospital and find Marissa’s dads room.

They get in there and he is just lying there with the same facial expression that he had when we got hit by the car.

“The machine is beeping so that means he is still alive, right Kylie.”

“Yes, that is right.”

Marissa walks over there and pulls up a chair and looks at her dad.

She talks to him for a little while even though she knows he can’t hear her.

Then the machine stops beeping and there is a straight line on the machine showing he is dead. Marissa takes a big gasp and then breaks into to tears and is running over to Kylie balling her eyes out.

“He’s…. He’s… He’s dead!” Marissa wails.

Kylie combs her hair with her fingers trying to calm Marissa down.

“Shhhh…. Shhhhh….”

“It’s ok Marissa, It’s ok.”

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