Why can't I be like everyone else??


4. Dad, What Happened?

“I can finally go outside!”

“I’m rolling in the grass.”

“Ahhhhh the smell of fresh cut grass.”

“Look a flower!”

“I have heard how pretty they are!”

“Why wouldn’t father want me to see this?”

Then I heard a thunk and I realize it was just a dream and the thunk was me falling out of my bed.

“Well that was a nice couple of minutes.”


“Yes, Dad?”

“Breakfast is ready!”


“I made your favorite pancakes and bacon.”

“Thank you.”

“I also have a surprise for you.”


“I will tell you while we are eating breakfast so grab a plate and some breakfast.”


“So dad can you tell me what the surprise was?”

“Ok I will tell you.”

“I have decided to let you go outside. “

“Thank you dad so much!”

“If. . . I come with you.”

“Ok that is a deal.”


“Get dressed and then we can go out and play a game or something.”

“Ok. I’m ready dad.”

“Ok I’ll grab a ball and we can play catch.”


“I’m happy and confused.”

“Why would you be confused?”
“Because you said that I could never go outside.”

“Well I realized that all of the other kids your age go outside and they are all fine so I going to give you this one chance.”

“If all goes well you might be seeing the outside more often. Let’s go outside!”

“Ok dad.”

“Here is the ball you can throw it first to me.”

She tosses the ball.

“Good job that was a good throw!

Now I will throw the ball to you.”

He tosses the ball.

“Great job Marissa you caught it! Now you throw it back.”

She tosses it. “Oops it went in the street I will go get it.”

“Ok dad, be careful.”

“I will.”




“What happened?”

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